March 2, 2014

Let's Look at FEMA's new ad, 'The Day Before'

'The Day Before'

"The "The Day Before" TV spot captures the day before the largest earthquake in the Bay Area on October 17,1989, which appears to be just like any other day. The campaign illustrates the importance of preparing today to help reduce the consequences of a disaster tomorrow through real people and emergencies across the country." -Leo Burnett Worldwide

Commercial Screenshot #1

Commercial Screenshot #2

If we look past the fact that this commercial is incredibly boring, it does have a valid point. Not one person on Earth can guarantee that disaster won't strike in your life tomorrow, so it's best to be prepared today. You should always have supplies on hand in case of an emergency, and most importantly know what steps need to be taken in the event that something does happen. Have a plan, stick to it, and make sure that everyone in your family- young and old - knows exactly what their part in that plan is.

xoxo disaster girl

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