March 14, 2014

Cali's Water Crisis - Drought Begins Setting the Stage for the Future

California's Drought & Water Crisis
Drought Begins Setting the Stage for the Future

Facts / Events
-US Department of Agriculture declares 3 Bay Area cities 'Disaster Areas' because of drought
-On January 24th of 2014 Governor Brown declared a Drought Emergency in California
-California is already in its 3rd straight year of below average rainfall
-US Department of Agriculture's January 23rd order implemented statewide water conservations campaigns and water shortage contingency plans
-Exceptional Drought covers almost a tenth of the state.
-Officials at the State Water Projects announced that come Spring they will not be releasing any water, in an effort to preserve what is left for the rest of the year, and possible future years.
-The drought has reduced carry over water storage to the lowest levels seen since 1977
-Several records (at least 5) have been hit with record low monthly rainfall numbers
-California snow pack water content is currently 33% of the normal average
-Rivers and reserviors including the Sacramento River and the San Joaquin Rover are already below the record lows
-Mandatory Water Restrictions in the following areas: LINK TO INTERACTIVE DROUGHT MAP
-Fines and warnings have already been issued to residents and businesses, totaling well over 500 
-City officials have proposed a 2.1 Million Dollar plan to bring water to the state to ease the pain of drought
-NOAA's drought forecast for Winter-Spring of 2014 doesn't look promising for change either - Report
-As of March 4th 2014 91% of the State of California remained in Severe Drought under the Drought Monitor 
-While the recent rain and snow has definitely added to the water and snow pack levels, experts fear its too little, too late
 California's drought may just be the beginning, in 2009 a ABC TV movie titled 'Earth 2100' highlighted the worst case scenario. Its quite a show stopper, see the movie below!

Hopefully we'll change our ways..

xoxo disaster girl

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