February 25, 2014

The Torino Impact Hazard Scale & NEO's

 The Torino Impact Hazard Scale
& Near Earth Objects (NEO's) 

The Torino Impact Scale isn't that old. First thought of by Professor Richard P. Binzel of MIT in 1995, and officially adapted and adopted by the UN in 1999- the scale is used to measure hazards caused by NEO's such as asteroids, meteors, and comets. So far we haven't had any noteworthy impacts here on Earth, even the 2013 Russian Chelyabinsk meteor which actually hit the Earth measured a Zero on the scale. It certainly makes you wonder what a 3 would be like. Below is the impact scale, and more resources that are available to monitor events such as these in the future. The next blip that comes up on the Earth's scale will occur in June of 2048, but at the moment has a Non-Zero rating - 2007 VK184.

You can track Near Earth Objects on
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