June 20, 2014

Worldwide Weather Modification Projects

Inactive & Active

Project Cirrus - USA - 1947-Unknown The first hurricane modification project was run jointly by G.E., Army Signal Corp, US Air Force, and the Office of Naval Research on a hurricane that had been heading out to sea. The experiment involved dropping 180 pounds of dry ice by airplane into the rain bands of the hurricane, in an effort to weaken the system. The storm changed directions and ended up hitting Savannah Georgia, public outcry and several lawsuits forced the cancellation of the program shortly after.

Project Cumulus - EUROPE - 1949-1952 A weather modification project run by the UK Government, possibly with the help of the Royal Air Force. In an Air Ministry meeting they highlighted what motivated them into pursuing weather modification with the following: 1. Hindering the enemy.  2. Changing rivers to their advantage during conflicts.  3. Clearing fog from airfields. The 1952 Lynmouth flood is thought to be one of the reasons for its closure.

National Hurricane Research Project - USA - 1955-1964 - What started out as a project that conducted more weather research and measurements rather than experimentation and modification, during the early 60s the NHRP was involved with Project Stormfury. They helped seed at least one hurricane in 1963, and shortly thereafter changed names. (Renamed Project Next).

National Hurricane Research Laboratory (Renamed Project) - USA - 1964-Present - While the NHRL boasts a mission of only studying hurricanes to make better forecasts, it was involved with several weather modification projects over the years. Most of the people who worked on weather modification programs in it's previous forms were sent to other agencies after Project Stormfury was cancelled. In recent years they have conducted flights through hurricanes, although it is not known if they seeded the hurricanes as well.

Project BATON - USA - 1962-1971 - Working jointly with Project Stormfury, this division handled the science behind thunderstorms and modification of thunderstorms by releasing condensation chemicals and than dry ice to form ice crystals within the clouds in an effort to both study and modify them.

Project Stormfury - USA - 1962-1983 - A tropical cyclone modification operation conducted on storms by releasing silver iodide by cloud seeding methods. The hypothesis was later deemed incorrect as they found there wasn't enough supercooled water in a tropical storm for the silver iodide to attach to. It is however credited with providing valuable research data into hurricane tracking and forecasting.

Project Skywater - USA1961-1988 - A cloud seeding operation aimed at increasing rainfall in the southwestern United States when needed, during summer/low rainfall times and also used in winter months to increase snow pack. This project also had several sub-projects all across the continental United States.

Operation Popeye - ASIA - 1967-1972 - This was the first well known example of weather modification being used for warfare purposes. During the end years of Vietnam War, this project was tasked with prolonging the East Asian monsoon season in the Gulf of Tonkin area, for the benefit of the U.S. . There is argument over which U.S. leaders were responsible for the ordering of the projects, although very little argument over whether the project actually took place or not.

Beijing Weather Modification Office - CHINA - 1995-2008 ( - Present?) - Part of China's nationwide weather control programs, this office controls the weather around Beijing and other outlying areas. It is heavily thought that this office uses rainfall to 'wash the air' of pollutants in the heavily polluted city of Beijing. The projects are mostly aimed at creating rainfall and preventing hail. The agency also managed the weather during the 2008 Summer Olympics.

2008 Summer Olympics - CHINA - 2008 - The Beijing Weather Modification office boasted that it had kept the weather clear during the 2008 Olympics by strategically seeding clouds headed in the events location- causing the rain to drop before the clouds actually reached the location. While there is much argument as to whether their methods were successful or not, there is consensus on the fact that they did in fact try.

Weather Modification, Inc. - WORLDWIDE - 2010-Present - This is pretty much self explanatory, so check it out. This business sells cloud seeding services all over the world and lists twenty countries as regulars. Notable US clientele includes: U.S. Department of Defense, the Federal Aviation Administration, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the National Hurricane Center, and the Naval Service Warfare Center.

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