August 25, 2011

Irene, The Hurricane I was Waiting For.

The Hurricane I was Waiting for.
Hurricane Irene Wiki
Thank you to all who followed me during and at the height of the storm!

Irene in Cape May NJ Courtesy of

Irene's Full Path as a Hurricane & Tropical Storm

Hurricane Irene coming over North Carolina
from my lil' cuz Sarah

If you know me at all, or spent any substantial amount of time with me you would know that last years hurricane season was a huge disappointment for me. (I can't HELP wanting to get hit with one, I haven't been in one yet.) I made it through a tornado, standing outside enjoying the sights- and I am determined to see this beast up close and personal. If I could get in the eye without killing myself I would, sue me- I'm fucking nuts.

Are you prepared? Probably not. (Emergency Kit Lists)
Creating A Custom Disaster Plan

Hurricane Irene at her Max:
-Category: Category 3 Hurricane
-Max-Sustained Winds: 120 MPH (Wind Gusts of 120-130 MPH)
-Start: African Coast, Cape Verde Island
-End: American/Canadian Border (PTS)
-Largest Recorded Width: Appx 900-1000 Miles WIde
-Fastest Recorded Movement: 25-30 MPH
-Largest Recorded Wave Height at Eye: 40-50 FT
-Lowest Central Pressure: 942 MB
-Deaths:41 (2 "indirect") reported deaths so far, people still missing 8/30 10AM
-Estimated Cost: Appx $10,000,000,000
-Strongest storm to hit East Coast since 1893/1938
-Strongest storm to hit Northeast since Gloria in 1985
-Tornado forming hurricane
-Waterspout Tornado producing hurricane - MD 7PM
-Extreme threat to entire East Coast
-Hurricane Irene will be the 7th "I" storm name to be retired within the last 11 years
-Hurricane Katrina 8/28/05 Hurricane Irene 8/28/11 .. 6 Years - same time frame
-First landfall on US soil in 3 years
-Occured on the same day as the 1893 Hurricane mentioned, which was the last big storm to hit the Northeast Coast
-Downgraded to Tropical Storm just before eye reached NYC/NNJ
-9th Billion dollar weather event for US in 2011, topping 35 Billion Total
-Made 3 landfalls total, NC, NJ, NY

Other info
State Of Emergencies declared in:
Evacuations in:
Hoboken NJ, Jersey Shore Area Beaches/towns, NY Zone A/B, Va, Ocean City MD, Fire Island NY, Delaware- Sussex Co, Dare Co-Currituck County-Ocracoke/Hyde County NC, Outer Banks, Barrier Islands NJ, Cape May County NJ
-Hospitals in NY evacuated
-Many curfews enacted in NY/NJ/VA/MD/NC/DC

Damages/Expected Damages
Effect on Bahamas:
90% of houses affected on islands Cat 3/4 in repairs (meaning most are destroyed and beyond repair), island communication loss
-Severe Damage reported in Puerto Rico, President Obama declared Federal SOE, aid expected
-SW Outer bands reach Florida, waves injure 8 on FL Getty
-NYC/NJ Transit Full Transit Shutdown
-Tornadoes formed by Hurricane Irene in NC possible injuries and structural damage
-Pier in Atlantic Beach blown away by Irene
-Boy dies after tree falls on house NC
-Surfer dies in FLORIDA after trying to surf Irene's massive waves
-East Coast Oil Refineries shut down, temporarily raising gas prices
-Airports Closed - All flights in and out of NYC cancelled as of Sat evening through Monday morning
-Power Outages Reported in NJ, NC, VA, MD, CT. NYC/NY, RI, MA, SC, MA, NH, PA, VT
-Total Power Outages as of 8/29 2PM Roughly 5 Million & counting
-Man drowns in NJ
-High tide played a huge role in flooding impacts of coastal NY/NY/NYC
-Georgetown University Arts building suffers partial roof collapse because of Irene.
-Road Closures/bridge closures throughout Northeast/east coast
-Possible Dam failure in MD
-Driving Ban enacted
-Hudson & East River rise significantly
-Lower Manhattan, Lower Brooklyn, Lower Queens flooded
-NJ woman drowns is car after call for help at 1AM, wasn't found until 9AM
-Gilboa Dam Middleburgh NY Sirens have alarmed, evacuations in the area ordered
-3 NJ Dams put on alert, many Crest Monday Morning

-90 Rivers put on overflow warnings
-Rescues still in progress throughout East Coast
-212 "Worrisome" dams in NJ
-Rain that fell on NJ was about 1,060,920,115,200 gallons. If stacked on the Giants field, it would be 466 miles high.
-20 people stranded in hotel with no power, downstream from dam with a breach near NYC.
-Most NYC transit restored as of Monday 8/29
-Quechee bridge was washed away
-Vermont one of the hardest hit areas
-NJ Transit rail services remains suspended, some buses also suspended too, revised list of bus availability up 8/29 morning.
-MA orders evacuations of areas surrounding dams cresting
-NJ/NY/VT hit record rain totals

New York's Modern Day Atlantis, NY Island wiped of Map because of Hurricane


Irene at her Height

NYC - Battery Park AM 8/28


CNN State-By-State Developments related to Hurricane Irene

The Weather Channel Extreme Flooding in VT Video/Pictures

National Geographic Hurricane Irene Aftermath Pictures

Hope you all stayed safe!

xoxo disaster girl

P.F.S. Elsewhere in the US we also have small tremors rattling California from an "Ancient Volcano" VIA Reuters & A reported 2.9 Earthquake in Albany NY... sounding apocalyptic to anyone other than me..?

August 7, 2011

"The US Dollar’s Not Worth The Paper It’s Printed on." -Gerald Celente

Strong, but truthful words from one of the top US trend forecasters. This week The S&P downgraded the U.S. Credit Rating from AAA to AA+, also adding that another downgrade to AA is expected in the next two years. This week is a portion of our children's future history books. We knew that we were watching history in the making when Obama was elected President, but now- not so much. Few people will even admit that we are even in a depression, instead they choose to use the cliche "recession". [FYI, there isn't an economic adviser/analyst in the world who can actually define the differences between a Recession VS. Depression. Come at me brah, I'm right. If you ask.. let's say 50 different advisers, you'd get more than 50 different answers. Funny how the top minds of this field can't even get on the same page with one of the basics of their chosen careers.] The term "recession", pisses me the fuck off. To me, it really feels like they invented the term to create a downward slope into a depression, so the American people could slowly be weaned into it, without causing too much alarm or panic. For those of you who don't know, the term "recession" when used to describe an economic state was first used in 1929 by a man named Irving Fisher. Mr. Fisher was, at the time, the lead U.S. economist and mind you the first usage of this was days after Black Tuesday. [Black Tuesday AKA The Wall Street Stock Exchange Crash of October 29, 1929 AKA the "supposed" beginning to The Great Depression] The mere mention of the word "recession" should give us all a shudder, unfortunately it usually gets a reaction similar to "Oh.. well at least it's not a depression!" ... *sigh* when will these people wake up?

Recently, I've come to the conclusion that these people:

1. Prefer to live in complete darkness because
A. They can't mentally, physically, or emotionally handle the truth
B. Admitting the truth would be detrimental to their value and
C. Admitting the truth to themselves would be admitting the truth to the masses, therefore doing so would be metaphorically bending over and taking their own dick.


2. Pretend to live in a cloud of stupidity, so the other people they come in contact with also continue to live in the aforementioned cloud so that they can
A. Buy gold and prepare for the coming trouble without having to worry about limited availability and their own well-being or
B. This is basically A only in this one they are just robbing the other people, whereas with the other one they're being duped because those people choose to live in dogma.

Or honestly, possibly a combination of the two.

I hope you're not one of them, but I can't be mad if you are, I think I might have been one.. O.O. After all, an economic collapse was not on my list of disasters to prepare for. && Let me be honest for a moment- This blog been up for.. less than a year? You and I know both know that we were already in a depression, recession- whatever you wanna call it- then, yet I chose never to address it here. But *as I pat myself on the back* I'm do believe that I played my cards slightly better in the real world then most. Perhaps I'm wrong, where's an absolute mind when you need one.. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

One thing we are very good at doing in America is living in dogma [n. a settled or established opinion, belief, or principle.]. Mind you, these are only opinions, beliefs, and principles PEOPLE, all of which are arbitrary and rarely based upon concrete evidence or fact, instead they are based on personal inclinations. But we're good at it, so let's own it. You can choose who you believe. Never forget that one of the main reasons people choose to be Americans or choose to continue being American citizens is because we have freedom. Freedom of Choice, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Petition.. Need I go on? ... USE THEM. Choose who you listen to, choose who you believe in- and don't ever feel guilty for changing your mind. For instance, I was an Obama-Mama, but in the coming election, I doubt I'll recast that vote, if I vote at all. Don't be afraid to admit you were wrong, even if it's just to yourself at first. The sooner you do these things, the sooner all of America will wake up- the sooner we'll all be a lot better off. Like the Uncle Sam posters say We NEED YOU, because without one, there can not be two- and if one chooses not to live rightly, two and one don't stand a chance.

Here's your chance, in under 32 minutes you can change you're outlook, this could even be the window that opens that changes your life. This is Mr. Gerald Celente (with Alex Jones), if you don't know who he is look him up- his track record speaks for itself. If you're gonna believe anyone, why not believe someone who's currently right, instead of being brainwashed by the ones who are wrong over and over again.

I can't in good conscience provide you guys with a disaster plan for the economic collapse of a country and perhaps that's why I never did so. I don't think there are a lot of people who could, but I can leave you with some wisdom. Start thinking for yourself- come up with your own conclusions. Don't base your financial decisions on what "they" say, whether it be the government, a financial adviser, or a financial report. You need to be able to handle these things yourself, so if you don't understand it, figure it out. You should never put your livelihood in the hands of someone else, whether it be a stock broker, a sale associate, or a bank. This isn't a lesson you want to learn the hard way, trust me.

xoxo disaster girl

P.F.S. Choose Wisely.