November 23, 2012

30 Days or Less to Live - Forced to Evolve

Hypothetically speaking-
If these were your last 30 days on Earth,
What would you do?
How would you spend them?
Would you make up for your past mistakes?
 Or would you live without a conscious of what tomorrow holds?

The calendar is coming to an end, and the real countdown now begins. The Maya were an incredibly intelligent group of people with knowledge that far exceeded their time period, let alone what we now deem as 'genius'. While I don't necessarily believe that the Mayan calendar ending on December 21st 2012 means humanity will end per se, I  completely disregard new reports about a older calender being found with 'conflicting' information.

Riddle me this, say there was a devastating magnitude 10.2 earthquake somewhere in the world tomorrow- would you wholeheartedly take the first news article you find and print it in history books? Or would you wait until all the details emerge, until all the facts have solidified and print the last found report? The simple fact that anthropologists are actually coming out of the woodwork to 'disprove' what was already largely viewed as a myth is quite strange and troubling at the same time. How convenient for a calender to surface months before to 'calm' the small percentage of people who are 'fearful'. Do you see how silly this is? Debunking the already debunked, why bother? I'd rather maintain my good standing as a 'respectable' scientist. 

Enough with the nonsense, because I could sit here all day going on and on about this but in the end it does not matter. What matters is the 'What ifs', and how you decide to handle them. Will you ignore, as RapNews so eloquently put it, "The self-imposed deadline for correcting our way of life"? How will you use the 'warnings', if you choose to acknowledge them at all?

The biggest question I find myself asking is how you can even ignore such a 'statement', as so many are at this very moment in time. When someone threatens your life, do you not acknowledge the threat? When someone gives you a grave warning, does it not sit at the back of your mind bugging you?

If the world does really end in 30 days we will be comparable to that of an ant hill, largely unaware of the giant wave of uncertainty coming for us just beyond the hill we preoccupy ourselves with daily. We would be gone, and the universe would not even let out a sigh. 

The Mayans didn't really believe the world would end in 2012, but that doesn't mean we're out of the woods either. They believe that their Gods created four worlds, of which the first three were failures. The last world, our world, was successful- but it is also 'doomed' because everything with a deadline has to end. December 2012, our cut off date, is upon us my friends.  The 5th world is coming, but the question still remains- what does that say for the fate of the fourth?

So I ask you, ironically hours after a holiday that you are supposed to take a moment out and be thankful for what you have, will take these days and make the most of them? Will you evolve to survive? Will you enter the fifth world without any regrets, leaving the past in the past- or will you cling to a dying world, ultimately sealing your fate?

xoxo disaster girl

August 25, 2012

Gulf Coast Threats: Tropical Storm Isaac Coverage 8/30/2012 18:00

Tropical Depression Isaac Coverage

Tropical  Depression   Isaac
Max Ssd. Winds:   35 MPH
Moving: NNW at 12  MPH
Min. Pressure:  995  MB
Updated:  8/30/2012 18:00

FL Beach At Normal Last Week                           FL Beach 3 Days Before Isaac

Tropical Storm Isaac made landfall in Haiti, barreling Port-Au-Prince as it almost gained hurricane status early Saturday morning. Isaac is forcasted to strenghten into a category 1 hurricane before it hits the Gulf Coast sometime between Monday Evening and Tuesday. Warnings have been issued for much of the gulf coast and Florida panhandle, with  all other warnings and watches issued for Florida being discontinued.

On Saturday, Florida Governor Rick Scott placed the entire state of Florida under a State of Emergency ahead of the storm. Residents in the Keys were asked to evacuate as well as citizens that reside in low lying areas in Southern Florida. Port of Miami is scheduled to close at 7PM on Saturday night, as well as Key West International Airport- several flights from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and Miami International Airport have also been canceled as of midday Saturday. More closures to come soon.

Tropical Storm Isaac has already claimed the lives of at least four people in Haiti as well as one in the Dominican Republic. The Republican National Convention has not been cancelled but activities have been postponed until Tuesday afternoon. Florida Governor Rick Scott has already cancelled all of his activities in   the convention center, as well as the Governors of both Louisiana, and Mississippi.

State of Emergencies have been issued in Louisiana,  Mississippi, Alabama and the Florida panhandle as of Sunday evening. Mandatory evacuations have been ordered for Louisiana, Alabama, and the Florida panhandle- and voluntary evacuations have been issued for Mississippi.

Hurricane Isaac made landfall at the mouth of the Mississippi River at 6:45 PM on August 28th, 2012. It was a category 1 hurricane at impact with wind speeds of 80 MPH +, multiple impacts may be expected. Isaac made a second landfall in Port of Fourchon and 2:15 CDT on August 29th, 2012- 7 years exactly from Hurricane Katrina's impact with Louisiana. At his strongest Isaac was a Category 1 Hurricane with sustained winds of 80 MPH and gusts over 100 MPH.

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August 24, 2012

"Hello Boys, I'm baaaaack!"

Alas, we meet again.
It's been a while, hasn't it?
Over the last couple of weeks I've been busy hauling my tush across the Eastern Seaboard, from Bergen County New Jersey to the shark attack capital of Florida. Moving a thousand miles away isn't as easy as I thought it would be, but the rewards are by far reaching my expectations. I am now stationed a block from the ocean and luckily, I am just in time for Isaac.
I've missed you all so much, most of all I've missed the users who worked with me daily at my Above Top Secret forum during the 2012 Zombie Anotcalypse. Sorry guys, but the hunt had to be abandoned- I can assure you however that it has not been forgotten. Now that I live in the heart of the people-eaters, I am in more of a position to report instead of speculate.
Tomorrow morning I will be resuming hurricane monitoring beginning with the threat in the South East, Tropical Storm Isaac. Isaac is forcasted to become a hurricane by the time it rolls by Florida, so hopefully I'll get a show.
While The Disaster Caster has returned, I am on a bit of a Hiatus. I am currently working tirelessly to add new features to the site including.. DUN DUN DUN... videos! Yes, you heard (or perhaps read) me correctly- I am taking a stab at failing miserably in front of a camera.
While these changes are happening the site will still be at full access to you all and with 50+ articles and an amazing 'Resources' section you should be fully entertained. My hope is to first add video reports/coverage of hurricanes, and later segments on other material (don't want to spoil the surprise.. or perhaps prolong my suffering).
This is kind of a big deal for me, because I'm more of a writer than I am a video personality so hopefully I don't suck at it. My ideas and vision for the videos will hopefully pan out as planned and I hope that everyone enjoys the work and research I put into them.
I will still be updating on tropical storms and hurricanes that are a threat to US land. If I find time to write and post more articles I will certainly do so, but as of now I am trying to school myself in video editing, etc. Honestly, it'll probably seem like I never even left ;)
Stay Tuned for Tomorrows Update on Tropical Storm Isaac!
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July 9, 2012

155 Hours - A True Story By Guest Writer Larry Neff

People are hardwired from birth for self preservation and survival, after all that's how we got here in the first place. This fact is often forgotten in a modern world containing all of the luxuries we religiously take for granted. Most people aren't prepared for anything out of the ordinary- be it a storm, a power outage, a water shortage, etc. They are comfortable on their cloud and overlook the thought that it can one day be pulled out from underneath them. 
When the haze of a modern world is lifted, most people find themselves in a panic- not really thinking level-headedly about anything  that they do. Not all people react this way, but the people who do largely affect the people who are prepared. In most survival scenarios the first thing you should prepare for is the people who are unprepared, because they are everywhere- and you will surely run into them on your journeys. Every once in a while I come across a personal disaster story that really sticks with me. The story I am featuring below, by guest writer Larry Neff- shows a man who is prepared survival wise for an unexpected disaster. The people who aren't prepared are the surprises in this story, and not the storm itself. Panic and unsurity are not things that people handle very well, and they will always be a big part of whatever disaster you encounter.

In situations like these it is best to avoid areas of panic, and if you are thoroughly prepared you can do this easily. One way to prepare is to make sure that you have enough supplies to get you through until order is restored, and forsake excess trips to areas of worry. Another simple way is to make sure you have always have enough gas and cash on hand to drive to an area that is unaffected by the disaster- where people are more likely to act civilized and altruistic. In the end, you can never be too prepared for the unknown- because you never really know what you will get.

155 Hours
"A major storm hit my little town here in West Virginia on Friday 6/29/2012 at about 7:30pm with hurricane-force winds.

Me, my wife, and our three kids were stopping by Gino's to pick up pizza's that we ordered, when all of a sudden, the sky turned black as soot. We were in line at the drive-thru and I said that this wasn't a 'normal' storm. I knew it was something else. All of a sudden, a big burst or puff of wind hit our vehicle and shook it pretty hard. I swear it felt like it shoved us back an inch or two and the dirt and dust that was hitting us, sounded like something getting sand-blasted- if you've ever heard that. I immediately peeled out and went across the street because there is a Lowe's there---so I headed for the loading bay around back.

The loading bay is a ramp that goes down into the ground about 9-11 feet, so I backed all the way down to the doors, and not a second too soon. We watched in horror as the trees bent over and touched the ground, repeatedly! There was stuff flying everywhere. My kids were crying and my wife was freaking out and I was calming them down the best that I could. It didn't last very long, but it was pretty scary. As the sky got brighter, and everything calmed down, we pulled away and drove through carnage.

The town that we just drove through, minutes before, was a disaster area. There were huge trees lying on top of cars and houses. Telephone poles were snapped off like toothpicks, while the transformers dangled by wires. Cars and trucks, flipped over. As we got on the highway to head back to our home about 12 miles away, the leaves were over an ankle deep on the roads all the way. It truly looked like a bomb went off. We were worried about what we would find when we got there.

As we tried to get to our house, we had to turn around and go back because the huge oak trees that lined the road were twisted and snapped off like twigs and lying in the road. We tried another way and it was worse--tress down everywhere. So I tried the back way, and after a little work, and maneuvering around many obstacles, we were able to get home. There were what seemed like thousands of limbs in our yard but nothing too bad. Our porch swing-glider was intact and where we left it.

I cringed at the thought of the trampoline in the back yard, but as I went around to look, to my amazement, it was right where we left it too! We got lucky, but so many didn't. There were no warnings on the radio or nothing. All we knew was that the power was out and would be for a while. We checked on neighbors (even though I don't like them) and of course, my mom and dad (they live down below us). I went in the house and dug out flash lights and dug out the candles. We lit some and just sat there in shock.

The next morning, we put batteries in a jambox and scanned to see if we could hear some news, but there wasn't too many talking about it in depth. They just said that 95% of the state was without power. Then, the day heated up. We opened all windows and doors but it didn't seem like it was helping. The next 8 days was some of the hottest on record--95°-100°+. Sitting in hot temperatures for long periods of time will make you very cranky, I can attest to that. We were putting cold, wet rags on ours, and the kids' heads to keep us cool. We would take cold showers but ten minutes later you couldn't tell that you took one. It was a bad situation.

Day in, day out, we just hung in there, hoping that the power would come back on, because the second that it did, the air conditioners were coming on with a quickness. At night, we sat around and talked with our 12 year old daughter and our 3 and 2 year old little boys. I got out my flat-top guitar and played silently in the background. My 3 year old had his nose stuck in the Nintendo DS. We had plenty of food, canned stuff and all that, so we were OK in that department. We also had water.

I went out to try and get some ice and propane bottles for my camping stove (because the ones I had in my building were missing) and what I saw enraged me. I've never seen people act the way they were acting. They were pushing little old ladies out of the way to get water. It was mass stupidity. Thousands of people were lining up to fill up there car tanks and gas cans (that's the first thing you do when it storms, dont'cha know). Lines were miles long. People were fighting and arguing. I went home because I feared for their safety had one of them crossed me.

The next day I went out and it was worse. I live by a huge lake and it was full of campers from other places. They were using up all of our resources. I went to a store to get propane bottles and this lady had about 50 of them in a buggy. I asked the clerk were more were and he told me that that lady got the last of them. She immediately looked to the ground. I calmly walked out with a fake smile on my face, known around here as the 'Insto-matic grin'. People were going crazy everywhere I looked, me knowing that most of them were NOT from here. All traffic laws were thrown out the window. It was dangerous.

I finally found a couple bottles of propane and made my way back home. All I needed it for was to make coffee, and trust me, none of those people wanna see me without my morning coffee or they would see CRrraaaaaZy! I have a propane wall mount hooked up to a hundred pound tank for back up in case the power goes off when it's cold, but I didn't want to unhook it and all that. I was sweating enough. People stopped by to see me daily to check and see how we were doing, with stories of how crazy people were acting.

As far as ice goes, there was none to be found. It was a thing of the past, like so many things that we take for granted every, single day. There was no FEMA or anything else for the first several days. Wait, I think FEMA did actually go to the Greenbrier the 2nd day, Tiger Woods was there playing golf. He must've needed water, it didn't help his game any from what I've heard.

To make a longer story a little shorter, our power finally came on Friday morning in the A.M.. I woke everybody with a loud WOOO HHHOOO! OHHH GOOODY! as I cranked the air on. I sat there and watched TV like it was the first time ever! We finally slept without being sticky-wet nastiness. I was relieved. But I immediately felt bad for all who still have not gotten power. back I want them to get it SO bad.

Little things we take for granted a lot, like power, cold air, lights, computer, etc., etc.. But it's also sickening how we've all become so dependent to these things. This has opened mine, and my family's eyes on some things like how we need to be better prepared and most importantly, become more independent. I mean, I like TV a little, and a lot of the other things, but, in a way, I would love to go back to the old ways and leave all of that behind. I can easily go into the woods and get something to eat the same as I can go to one of the many streams and get water. A lot of people here don't depend on nobody but themselves. We know the government is a joke, really. That is, unless you are one of the 1% at the Greenbrier. I think we all need to do an assessment and become more independent so we don't end up like all those crazy, panicky nuts running amok and fighting over the last loaf of bread."

A True Story Written By:
Larry Neff of West Virginia

Disaster Girl's Emergency Preparedness Articles

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July 8, 2012

Hawaiian Islands - The Flip Side of Hurricane Daniel

Hawaii is rarely ever hit directly by hurricanes, statistically speaking most storms actually weaken quickly upon approaching the Hawaiian Islands. Some have likened the cause to be of volcanic origins but what ever the cause, Hawaii lies in the realm of "Near-Misses". The last near-miss was in December of 2010 when Tropical Storm Oneika brushed past one of it's smaller islands, but the last real storm that actually hit Hawaii was 20 years ago when Hurricane Iniki caused over $2 billion dollars in damage.

Hurricane Daniel is positioned to clip the Hawaiian coast much like it did in 2000, only this time at a different polarity. In 2000 Hurricane Daniel swiped Northern Hawaii, while this time it seems poised to swipe it's South. Hurricane Daniel, which was a Category 2 hurricane, was downgraded to a tropical remnant low on 7/11/2012.

I have chosen to monitor this storm for two reasons. The first being that it has been two years since anything came close to the Hawaiian Islands, also since this website has been up (I've also never covered a Pacific hurricane before). The second reason is because the area is now the home of two named storms both emerging from the same area in Pacific waters, the other being Tropical Storm Emilia.

Hurricane Daniel will be monitored every day, while Tropical Storm Emilia will be monitored as it becomes necessary.

Tropical      Storm      Fabio
Max Ssd. Winds:  50  MPH
Moving:  West  at 10 MPH
Min.  Pressure: 1000 MB -
Last Updated: 7 / 12 / 2012

Hurricane   Emilia -  Cat.  2
Max Ssd. Winds:  105 MPH
Moving: WNW  at 12  MPH
Min.  Pressure:   965  MB  -
Last   Updated: 7 / 12 / 2012

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July 6, 2012

The 'Zombie' Trend - The Growing List of Causes and Theories

As the 'zombie' trend continues, the desire to have an answer for why this is all happening becomes much more necessary than when the list of events was only a couple incidents long. With the list of actual biting related attacks being close to a hundred, and the list of strange events quickly catching up- it is only human to want an answer to it all. After all, that's one of the fundamentals of human behavior- searching for an answer to the unknown.

Throughout the time that I have been writing about and covering these events I have been the host of an open discussion on the AboveTopSecret forums. There we have researched, talked, covered and theorized as to what the logical and probable causes may be. In over 35 pages of discussion we have tried tirelessly to figure out it all out- that discussion can be viewed by clicking here: Compiled List of People-Eating-People Events, you can read the discussions without joining- but if you would like to comment you will have to sign up.

Below is a list of theories and causes that have been cited in these events.

  1. Human Rabies / Mutated / Airborne Rabies - This theory stipulates that these 'attackers' all had a form of rabies, whether it be animal bite related rabies, a mutated version of animal rabies, or an airborne form of rabies. This theory also argues that both animal behavior as well as human behavior should be monitored, and is supported by the fact that animal attacks have been on the rise, these attacks not limited to dogs only, but rats, dolphins, sharks, skunks, monkey's, cats, etc. It is also supported by the fact that in 95% of the states that have  had human biting attacks there has either been a found case of rabies or warnings had been issued. by local officials. The behavior of animals and humans infected with rabies also fit the  exhibited symptoms of the attackers. Mutating rabies is also tied to warmer weather. [Resource 1 , Resource 2 , Resource 3 , Resource 4 , Resource 5]
  2. Synthia Bacterium - In this theory, the Synthia engineered life that was put into the Gulf of Mexico following the BP oil disaster is the cause. Theoretically making it's way through the ecosystem by being recycled into rain water and deposited on land- it infect a humans body. No known signs or symptoms as this is new engineered life created in a laboratory. Supporting it is the fact that the parasite the lab used as a shell for Synthia is a human sexually transmitted disease that is extremely hard to cure with antibiotics. This parasite also has the capability to 'inject' itself into another cell in an effort to hide itself from immune responses. No known effects on the environment, animal life and human life are known to date. [Resource 1Resource 2Resource 3Resource 4 , Resource 5]
  3. Combo 'Zombie' Virus / Bacteria - This theory involves several viruses, bacterias, and parasites- engineered into one virus to get the symptoms of many all rolled into one. The main components being rabies and flu and adding other viruses to get other 'desired' effects. This theory is only backed by the fact that scientific research could create such a thing, and that it probably already exists in labs. Such viruses have already been addressed as not of being plausible but relatively easy to engineer in a lab in several big media sources including NatGeo. The question of this is not "If" but in actuality "When". [ Resource 1Resource 2Resource 3Resource 4 , Resource 5]
  4. Drug Induced Psychosis - This theory stipulates many things. First it says that these events may be the cause of 'bath salts' or 'synthetic drugs' alone. It also states that the drugs themselves many be tainted or have something in it they 'shouldn't'. This theory is incredibly hard to prove as most of these drugs do not show up on drugs tests, and the 'product' would likely have been 'used' before the event occurred. Many cases also show no concrete evidence of drug use. [Resource 1Resource 2Resource 3Resource 4 , Resource 5]
  5. Human Evolution/Devolution / 'Changes' In Human Behavior / Non-Earth Environmental Factors - This heading is more of a result of many theorized causes. The causes are: Unknown Effects of Galactic Cloud on Humans, Solar Flare Effects on Humans, as well as changes in humans evolutionary consciousness, whether the effect be a negative or a positive. This theory as well is very hard to prove concretely as all of these things are not commonly researched- although some examples can be found for some. It is also impossible to tell that if we are evolving, what exactly we are evolving into, which is the biggest thing in making this theory work.  [Resource 1Resource 2Resource 3Resource 4 , Resource 5]
  6. Biblical Prophecies / 2012 Prophecies - This says that these events 'support' the idea that the world is 'coming to an end'. It also states that these events fall in line with biblical prophecies. Highly speculative, and completely unable to support with any tangible evidence. A vast majority of the 'support' ranges from things that are often left completely to interpretation.  I usually steer clear of biblical stuff, but I will provide resource anyway. [Resource 1Resource 2Resource 3Resource 4 , Resource 5]
  7. Excess of Media Coverage - This theory states that these events are not special at all. That the Miami incident proved to media that the fans 'love this stuff' and 'want to hear about it' which has caused a plethora of reports to come out. It also stipulates that these events happening at this frequency may also be in the realm of normality. As well as stipulating that cannibalism and cannibalistic attacks are fairly common and a large part of human history., It also blames the media for the knowledge of such events, with so many forms now readily available every bit of news that can get out will. I am currently working on biting/eating statistics and will update this when my research is completed. [Resource 1Resource 2 , Resource 3]
  8. Toxoplasmosis Gondii - This theory is of a little known fact about humans as a species. There is a species of parasitic protozoa that lives in about half of the humans here on Earth. In the brains of animals it attaches itself to a rodent and controls its actions and allows the rodent to be eaten easily so that it can reach it's intended destination of a cat. Theories have cited that if it affects rodents this way there is a possibility of it effecting humans that way whether by evolving or mutating in order to effect a different host. The fact that it already lives in so many human brains alludes to the grave possibility of mutation and any effects the parasite already has as it has been linked to schizophrenia. [Resource 1Resource 2Resource 3Resource 4, Resource 5]
  9. Mad-Cow Disease Variant / Prion - This postulates that mad cow disease has changed in someway that allows it to better infect humans or that another prion disease is the cause. As mad-cow disease does affect the brain it is in the realm of possible, though far off from being entirely provable. Mad cow disease is already the blame of one variant, Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease which accounts for several symptoms that are present in these cases including: Changes in Walking, Confusion, Dementia, Hallucinations, Nervous Jumpy Feelings, Changes in Personality, Aggressive Behavior, Dangerous Behaviors. [Resource 1Resource 2Resource 3Resource 4 , Resource 5]
  10. 'Zombie' Gun - This theory is based on the relatively new news that has come out of Russia. Russian President Putin had apparently requested that scientists work on a 'zombie gun' for him. While this many seems like a unworthy cause or theory, it shows that science is working on ways to build such devices and usually for Defense contractors working for Governments. It also shows that creating "zombies" is not on a No list for Governments. Aren't all countries competing against each other in areas like these? [Resource 1Resource 2 , Resource 3]
  11. American Trypanosomiasis or Chagas Disease - This theory stems from the new research and media prominence of Chagas Disease - often billed as "The New AIDS". Chagas Disease, also known as American Tryanosomiasis already effects millions of people worldwide. It has also been linked to the African Nodding Disease which show many of the symptoms associated with the events including but probably not limited to: "zombie-like" movements, inability to form cohesive thoughts, inability to care for oneself, bouts of anger and attack. In Africa, nodding disease mostly affects children. [Resource 1Resource 2Resource 3Resource 4 , Resource 5]
  12. CDC Leak / Lab Leak This theory states that the newly media introduced coverage of CDC building problems may be the cause. Over the last couple of month a couple of CDC facilities had problems with their ventilation systems, and these problems are now being looked at by Congress. It also states leaks in other facilities, such as the medical equipment that was thrown out and then stolen as supporting evidence in a growing scandal that these facilities do not take proper care of things and often make what could be considered horrible mistakes. [Resource 1Resource 2Resource 3Resource 4 , Resource 5]
  13. Other Less Notable Theories - Morgellons Disease, Seoul Virus, Borna Virus, Kuru Disease. 

One of the first questions to cross my mind while contemplating writing this article was whether or not a hundred or so events warrants a list of causes yet. After all, the Government doesn't seem concerned and most of society has gone on with little regard for the eye catching headlines. Are there more arguments that require the primal urge to bite? Or are there more fights because of a gnawing urge to bite? Which came first, the urge to bite or the fight?

In the end I decided that biting is not as common as these events are, especially in some of the circumstances that have presented themselves. While the bite may be a defense mechanism, the simple act of biting something is largely food related nowadays- as we have moved far past our cannibalistic ancestry. I also think that defensive biting is more medium scaled and singular than these events- as a good amount either took multiple bites, chewed, spit out chunks, etc. Behavior like this shows me that something is wrong,  and at this rate it only reaffirms that thought.

The only real hope I have is that this trend diminishes, and gets lost in history. That twenty years from now, you won't read about this in a book and people will shake their heads in disbelief if you mention it. After all, people don't want a zombie apocalypse- they're more determined to kill a 'zombie'- which is all the more disconcerting. In a country with over 313 million people and at least 235,000,000 guns owned by civilians any real threat that scares the greater populace with bring a lot of Punisher's to the street. The real threat in all of this is the public's reaction to this and not the events themselves, a panicked mind makes mistakes. Whether that mistake is somehow becoming a victim to the trend, or making oneself a vigilante to fight off the trend- in the end it makes no difference.

Ironically enough you have no 'real' reason to fear, as the CDC Zombie Preparedness website states, they're got you covered: "If zombies did start roaming the streets, CDC would conduct an investigation much like any other disease outbreak. CDC would provide technical assistance to cities, states, or international partners dealing with a zombie infestation. This assistance might include consultation, lab testing and analysis, patient management and care, tracking of contacts, and infection control (including isolation and quarantine). It’s likely that an investigation of this scenario would seek to accomplish several goals: determine the cause of the illness, the source of the infection/virus/toxin, learn how it is transmitted and how readily it is spread, how to break the cycle of transmission and thus prevent further cases, and how patients can best be treated. Not only would scientists be working to identify the cause and cure of the zombie outbreak, but CDC and other federal agencies would send medical teams and first responders to help those in affected areas." - CDC

So if something was to materialize from all of this make sure you have an
emergency kit, stay indoors and let the professionals handle it and
don't be a 'hero' because you will be a villain in someone elses opinion.

June 29, 2012

The 2012 'Zombie' Trend & The Strange Events Occurring Worldwide 7/6 Update

The 2012 'Zombie' Trend
& The Strange Events Occurring Worldwide

Well it's been a month since the gruesome attack in Miami that left a homeless man without a face, an incident that opened the eyes of the world as the strange attacks kept up and a startling trend emerged. Over the last month "Zombie" & "Cannibal" were the most used terms in social media, and with Professional entities also succumbing to the trend in the forms of college classes and mass "social experiments & games"- virtually every outlet that could use the terms has abused it  as well. Blurred amongst the thousands of repetitive articles are daily examples of the strange trend continuing at a relatively consistent pace.

Twenty twelve is apparently the year where people really ate each other up, as if the rest of what is going on in the world today isn't enough to scare the living crap out of you. So far what this year has amounted to has been nothing short of crazy. Nonexistent winter? Check. April fireballs? Check.  A bunch of rare astronomy events? Check. Horrific tornado outbreaks and strange weather? Double Check. Unexplained animal deaths? Check. Asteroids coming way too close for comfort? Check. Financial woes? Check. Solar flares? Check. Flesh-Eating Viruses, Superbugs & Plagues? Check. Early hurricane season? Check. "Zombie-like" & Cannibal attacks? Check. Leprechauns attacks? Check. Volcano eruptions and strong earthquakes? Check. 2012 is a jammed packed shitshow and  folks, we're far from done with it.

The zombie trend is one of the most alarming because we are far from primitive when it comes to our social interactions and expectations, the one area of our current world that has gone well beyond the realm of imagination. We can ignore a couple extra bad storms, use a little more hand sanitizer, and overlook the not easily understood- but people can't ignore people eating each other. We can handle the occasional horrifying news event, but when an event becomes a trend and a trend becomes a gruesome reality society just sits and stares at the wreck. Unable to process, eyes glued and not moving a bit.  It just continues, and the majority sits in a horrified awe.

Don't get me wrong, there are 7,000,000,000,000+ humans on Earth. 100+ events in a couple of months is really nothing to worry over when you do the math. Nothing to get too 'excited' about if you ask me. Regardless of the theorized causes (and boy the list really does go on) people are certainly biting each other a lot more, so I'd say now is a good time to remove 'bite me' from your vernacular. When I first started covering these events I honestly didn't think it would go on this long,  and am surprised I am still getting new events in everyday. I have decide that I will continue to post on these events until they stop happening for at least two weeks. Below are more events which are continued from the first list in the original post which can be found here: Is the Zombie Apocalypse Nigh? - June 24th UPDATE

  1. 6-17-2012 -  Woman smoking bath salts in Maternity Ward bites cops
  2. 6-24-2012 -  Bath Salts Behind 20-Year-Old Attacking Elderly Woman Near Los Angeles
  3. 6-25-2012 -  Bath Salts User Tries to Bite Police Officer’s Face in New York
  4. 6-25-2012 -  Police say drunk Boise man tried to attack, bite officers
  5. 6-25-2012 -  Waco Man Kills Family Dog in 'Zombie-Style Attack'
  6. 6-26-2012 -  Arrest made after pregnant woman is beaten/bitten
  7. 6-26-2012 -  Police: Woman bites, runs over, beats man  
  8. 6-27-2012 -  Male Reportedly Robbed and Bitten in North Reading
  9. 6-27-2012 -  Man arrested at Arroyo Grande cemetery tried to bite officers, police say
  10. 6-27-2012 -  Shooting/Biting victim: 'I thought I was dead'
  11. 6-27-2012 -  Woman has part of nose bitten off in horror attack
  12. 6-27-2012 -  Armed police surround naked Chinese woman after she strips off and lies in front of ambulance
  13. 6-28-2012 -  Two pronounced dead in Hesperia aqueduct later deemed alive
  14. 6-28-2012 -  Face-Eater Attack in China  
  15. 6-28-2012 -  Woman beat sister with pot during argument over cookies 
  16. 6-28-2012-  Cop is injured while arresting Jersey City man acting erratically, police say
  17. 6-28-2012 -  CDC bioterror lab doors repeatedly left unlocked
  18. 6-28-2012 -  Mother, Son Allegedly Went on Crime/Biting Spree 
  19. 6-28-2012 -  Armed Robbery/Biting Incident in Naamans Apartments 
  20. 6-29-2012 -  Dog quarantined after man found dead in Nev. home 
  21. 6-29-2012 -  Man bit gardai as mob surrounded officers with dog 
  22. 6-29-2012 -  14-year-old Phoenix boy admits to killing/biting young child 
  23. 6-29-2012 -  Prisoner attacks guard, psychiatrist 
  24. 6-29-2012 -  Weehawken police issue arrest warrant for North Bergen man involved in Thursday aggravated assault/biting incident
  25. 6-30-2012 -  Mystery over Ashburton pig deaths
  26. 6-30-2012 - Burglary suspects adds to his woes by biting cops  
  27. 6-30-2012 -  Updated: Officers arrested after migrant who bit him dies in Detention Service van
  28. 7-01-2012 -  Sword, Sandwich Used in Attack on Women, Deputies Say - Suspect bit police car
  29. 7-01-2012 -  Norcross Man Bitten in Party Brawl  
  30. 7-02-2012 -  Security guard shot in the face with a FLARE GUN in bizarre attack
  31. 7-02-2012 -  Naked carjacker has ties to recent cannibal scares 
  32. 7-03-2012 -  'I'm a eat you': Crazed naked man high on bath salts threatens to eat police officers as they try to arrest him  
  33. 7-03-2012 -  Woman bites Marysville police officer; Plea deal possible
  34. 7-03-2012 -  Grandmother Margaret Horton, 75, attacked by five dogs in Ball Green
  35. 7-03-2012 -  'Zombie Attack' In Indianapolis? Man Uses 'Ninja' Moves To Fight Off Authorities
  36. 7-04-2012 -  Bicyclist accused of threatening motorist arrested by Mesa police after trying to bite them 
  37. 7-04-2012 -  Chef 'bit' officer's leg at Somme march 
  38. 7-04-2012 -  Perth man Bryan Armstrong's ear ripped in Spanish street celebrations
  39. 7-04-2012 -  M'duke man charged with assaulting city employee 
  40. 7-04-2012 -  Couple dispute leads to bites, bumps and bruises
  41. 7-04-2012 - Naked man in Finland stand in front of bus, later bites officer (Needs Google Translate)
  42. 7-05-2012 -  C.C. Police Search For Man Who Bit 16 Year Old In The Neck 
  43. 7-05-2012 -  Aggressive birds attack Noe Valley residents, Warnings Issued to Public
  44. 7-05-2012 -  Couple dispute leads to biting 
  45. 7-05-2012 -  Woman refuses to press charges against boyfriend who beat/bite her
  46. 7-06-2012 -  Half-naked man allegedly high on drugs crashes truck into sleeping man's house and then flees the scene without his trousers 
  47. 7-06-2012 -  Man allegedly beat woman for hour, bit off her ear  
  48. 7-06-2012 -  DeRuyter woman high on bath salts when she ransacked home, tried to attack deputies  
  49. 7-06-2012 -  Gwinnett man ate feces, fought with cops 
  50. 7-06-2012 -  Cro-Mags Founder Arrested for Stabbing & Biting Band’s Current Member
  51. 7-06-2012 -  Arizona police warn of naked crime wave after FOUR men go on rampage in two weeks 
  52. 7-07-2012 -  Tracy man charged with murder
  53. 7-07-2012 -  Woman bites husbands hand, husband reports pain 
  54. 7-08-2012 -  Mystery rash shuts down Illinois school
  55. 7-09-2012 -  Mystery surrounds the death of 5 people at Montreal Hospital
  56. 7-09-2012 -  Police: Man resisted arrest, assaulted officers and tries to bite them 
  57. 7-09-2012 -  Naked man Jeremiah Haughee arrested after biting man's stomach 
  58. 7-10-2012 -  Man, 23, tries to bite Portland officer, lands in jail 
  59. 7-10-2012 -  Girl, 14, bitten by man as she left train at Aberdare 
  60. 7-10-2012 -  Man bites cop in ER 
  61. 7-10-2012 -  Man with pants down in ER bites cops
  62. 7-10-2012 -  Woman attacks bites boyfriend family removes her from house
  63. 7-10-2012 -  Man attacks and bites business partner
  64. 7-10-2012 -  Suspects charged in murder case also bite victim
  65. 7-11-2012 -  Police: Victim stabbed three times, bit
  66. 7-11-2012 -  Man scratches, bites toddler - charged with felony child abuse 

The only question that I have in my mind is 'When will it end?'. It's an obvious answer to say that the actual causes of these incidences, whether correlated or not, are not the same. No matter how hard someone tries to find one answer for a string of events such as these the work usually proves futile. So whether the causes are- be it bath salts, synthetic marijuana, psychotic breaks in the normal realms of consciousness, a zombie-like virus or bacteria, engineered life inserted into an already over complicated equation, in the end it doesn't matter. What does matter is something I have stressed to  the point of retardation in this website. Preparedness. If you are not prepared for the unexpected, how will you ever be able to handle it? After all, people eating each other was about the last concern on my list of worrisome ponderings, where is it on yours?

xoxo disaster girl

P.F.S. I am currently working on an article that covers all of the possible 'causes' and theories involved in these incidents, it will be available 6/6/2012.

June 24, 2012

Gulf of Mexico - Tropical Depression Debby

Tropical Depression Debby

Tropical Storm Debby has been confusing weather forecasters and computer models all over the country. Debby, a storm with three separate turning centers has yet to allow a computer model to accurately predict where exactly she will head. I haven't seen a storm like this ever, but I have only been following hurricane season for a couple years now. As of June 25th, tropical storm warnings were issued for the Florida coast. Below is Debby's stats as a storm, which will be updated as updates become available.

  • Tropical storm Debby spawned two tornadoes in central Florida's Highland County, killing one person.
  • High winds associated with this storm closed the Florida Sunshine Skyway Bridge. 
  • On 6/25 Florida declares a state of emergency as Debby begins to soak the land. 
  • Tropical Storm Debby made landfall near Steinhatchee, Florida - 160 miles north of Tampa.
  • So far top rainfall in one area for Debby was recorded at 2 feet in towns south of Tallahassee.
  • Sophoppy FL was among one of the hardest towns hit so far as nearly 60 people phoned police for help finding their houses were completely surrounded by water.
  • The Suwannee River surged more than 25 feet in a day, which leaves it 4 feet above flood level. Another River, the Anclote- was also above flood stages on Tuesday- with water not expected to recede for at least another 48 hours. The Caloosahatche river overflowed as well, the wall separating the land from the water has disappeared entirely.
  • On Tuesday a mandatory evacuation was issued for 2,000+ homes located along the Cotee River, officials had to use boats to get the message out.
  • The storm also killed a manatee who was allegedly tied to a seawall by local residents near Tampa.
  • Tropical Storm Debby was downgraded at 8 PM on 6/26 to a tropical depression, however forecasters reported that it wasn't expected to lose its strength while it was over land.
  • Also, all warnings from the National Hurricane Center have been canceled. Only local flood warnings remain in effect. 
  • Tropical Depression/Storm Debby claimed the lives of three people in Polk, Highlands and Pinellas Counties. 
  • Debby maxed out as a tropical storm with winds of 60+ MPH

As of 6/28/2012 Debby is no longer a storm,
all warnings have been canceled and her remnants
are now an area of low pressure with a 10% chance of
forming a tropical cyclone within the next 24-48 hours.

xoxo disaster girl

May 30, 2012

Is the Zombie Apocalypse Nigh? - June 24th UPDATE

This year just keeps getting stranger and stranger. After months of odd weather (See: 2012 Disaster Monage), and even odder weather in May including record breaking tropical storms, we are now faced with the unimaginable. A series of separate events has taken place over the last couple of weeks that has people speculating whether the zombie apocalypse is nigh.

It wasn't until May 26th, a mere four days ago, that the list of strange events started grabbing peoples attention. It became something that could not be ignored, something mysterious that had to be figured out. Many people are still on a quest for answers in understanding some of the strangest, most horrific events they have seen hit the news in a while.

On May 26th, 2012 in Miami Florida, a 31 year old man by the name of Rudy Eugene walked across MacArthur Causeway. He began stripping his clothes off, and what came next is something straight out of a horror movie. Rudy Eugene found a homeless man, 65 year old Ronald Poppo on the causeway, and began beating him. Eugene then stripped the lower half of Poppo's clothes off and proceeded to kick, punch, pull and tug at Poppo. And then the unthinkable happened, Eugene began ripping and eating Poppo's face. And eating his nose. And gouging out his eyes out.  A witness in the case, Larry Vega, told Fox 7 news that Eugene refused to stop eating Poppo when police arrived at the scene, instead growling at them with a piece of Poppo's skin hanging from his mouth. The police officer yelled at Eugene to stop but after continuing the officers were forced to shoot. But one shot wasn't enough and Eugene continued to eat Poppo, forcing authorities to pump several shots into him in order to stop him. Eugene died at the scene, Poppo was taken to Ryder Trama center. He was last listed as critical care.

That is not all that happened.  In Hackensack NJ, a 43 year old man by the name of Wayne Carter, stabbed himself in the legs and stomach and then threw pieces of his skin and intestines at police- forcing them to retreat and call a SWAT team in to handle the situation. He is also listed as critical condition. "The scene was a bloody mess," a police official told Cliffview Pilot. "The SWAT team members had to be decontaminated due to the amount of blood."

In a new case coming out of Daytona Beach, Florida officers said that suspect Brandon De Leon was arrested for a disturbance in a local eatery. After being arrest De Leon apparently smashed his head against the plexiglass of the police car saying "I'm going to eat you!" He then growled and grunted like an animal proceeding to try to bite an officers hand, he then had to be placed in a bite mask and leg restraints in order to protect the people around him from hard. Local police in Florida have issued a warning to police to be careful when dealing with the homeless or people who appear to be under the influence of any drugs. -Miami police warn of new drug after grisly attack

And it really doesn't stop there, although I really can't help wanting it to. The following is a breakdown of events that took place over the last couple weeks that have authorities and society baffled.

This list will be updated, if necessary. 
  1. 3-08-2012 -  Father Bites Off 6-Year-Old Son’s Penis Before Brave Witnesses Can Stop Him
  2. 3-24-2012 -  Man attacks, growls Miami police who try to help him
  3. 4-03-2012 -  Woman's trip to Phoenix Target ends in bite attack
  4. 4-09-2012 -  James Duckett is jailed for bite attack in Golden Lion pub, Selby
  5. 4-10-2012 -  Woman attacked in home in bitten multiple times
  6. 4-11-2012 -  Baby declared dead wakes up in Argentine morgue
  7. 4-13-2012 -  Mao Sugiyama Cooks, Serves Own Genitals At Banquet In Tokyo
  8. 4-16-2012 -  Toronto sees first case of rabies in more than 80 years
  9. 4-16-2012 -  Brazil 'cannibals turned women into pastries' 5+ People
  10. 4-17-2012 -  Man tried to bite another man, was stun gunned
  11. 4-21-2012 -  Bail denied for man accused of snatching, biting toddler
  12. 4-24-2012 -  Driver takes a bite at another woman's chest
  13. 4-25-2012 -  Man recovers from surgery after face-bite attack at party
  14. 5-02-2012 -  Man bites girlfriends lips off
  15. 5-03-2012 -  Man bites off another mans ear in bar fight
  16. 5-04-2012 -  USDA Quarantines 2 Farms Amid Mad Cow Investigation; Offspring Euthanized
  17. 5-06-2012 -  Man kills wife, eats her forearm and dies
  18. 5-11-2012 -  Necrotizing Fasciitis: Georgia Woman Fights Flesh-Eating Bacteria
  19. 5-11-2012 -  Man pronounced dead at crash leaves hospital alive
  20. 5-11-2012 -  Baby boy declared dead by doctors, found to be alive
  21. 5-11-2012 -  $500,000 in stolen pathology equipment may have hazardous materials
  22. 5-12-2012 -  'Dead' man wakes up at funeral that becomes celebration
  23. 5-16-2012 -  2 Teachers, Students at Hollywood High School Hospitalized After Breaking Out in Rashes - Second floor evacuated, classroom quarantined after rash break out
  24. 5-16-2012 -  Fight evolves into bizarre naked screwdriver, biting attack
  25. 5-17-2012 -  Second Flesh-Eating Victim Reported
  26. 5-18-2012 -  Woman bites mans ear, stabs him with seashell
  27. 5-19-2012 -  Unknown Chemical sends 5 from Florida airport to hospital
  28. 5-21-2012 -  Police: Man bites woman's cheek in Westchester
  29. 5-23-2012 -  Tractor-trailer cargo hazmat leak causes I-285 rush hour shutdown
  30. 5-23-2012 -  U.S. Quarantines 6,000 Hogs Fed Tainted Pet Food
  31. 5-23-2012 -  Cops: Man bites off tip of cousin's nose
  32. 5-23-2012 -  Woman mauled to death: autopsy
  33. 5-24-2012 -  Second Broward school reports mystery rash
  34. 5-24-2012 -  Third Victim Flesh-Eating Disease Lands Man in Same Hospital as Aimee Copeland
  35. 5-25-2012 -  Hazmat Called After Kids Exposed To Pesticide On Bus
  36. 5-25-2012 -  Woman attacked, cut, bitten by six women in Annapolis
  37. 5-25-2012 -  4th Victim Loses Leg to Flesh-Eating Bacteria
  38. 5-25-2012 -  Haitian Declared Dead Wakes Up in Funeral
  39. 5-25-2012 -  American Airlines 'disoriented' passenger detained after flight disruption
  40. 5-26-2012 -  Naked Man Eating Victim’s Face Shot And Killed By Police
  41. 5-27-2012 -  Crazed Florida doctor facing charges for spitting blood on troopers during DUI arrest
  42. 5-27-2012 -  Russian "cannibal" admits to eating hearts & livers of 6+ people
  43. 5-27-2012 -  Contractor bites 2 Lowe's employees, resists arrest
  44. 5-28-2012 -  University of Illinois has hazardous materials accident at the Institute of Genomic Biology
  45. 5-28-2012 -  Woman caught performing sex act on highway tries to bite cops
  46. 5-28-2012 -  Mysterious death of naked man with bites supposedly "dog" related - doesn't add up
  47. 5-29-2012 -  Palm Coast man accused of strangling kitten, biting lips off another
  48. 5-29-2012 -  Police: Hackensack man stabbed himself and threw intestines at officers
  49. 5-30-2012 -  Swedish doctor cuts wife's lips off and ate them
  50. 5-30-2012 -  Chinese cannibal arrested for 20+ murders
  51. 5-30-2012 -  Two Cases of Flesh-Eating Bacteria Treated in Los Angeles at the Grossman Burn Center at West Hills Hospital & Medical Center
  52. 5-31-2012 -  Manhunt in Canada for man who dismembered/cannibalized/committed sex acts on another man
  53. 5-31-2012 -  Maryland man charged with killing, eating man's brain, heart 
  54. 5-31-2012 -  Boy attacks, bites school bus driver multiple times
  55. 5-31-2012 -  Two officers suffer bite wounds and bruises while subduing man at Ipswich hospital
  56. 6-01-2012 -  Staten Island Pizza Shop Owner Bites Mans Ear
  57. 6-01-2012 -  Man punches woman's face in road rage attack, she bites him several times
  58. 6-01-2012 -  2 Salisbury women arrested after stabbing during fight, tried to bite officers
  59. 6-02-2012 -  Nigeria: How Female Student Was Killed/Eaten By a Cannibal
  60. 6-02-2012 -  Jason Levert Johns Attacks/Bites On Wife In Rockingham County
  61. 6-02-2012 -  FIFTH victim has emergency surgery as flesh-eating bacteria strikes again
  62. 6-03-2012 -  Hazmat Spill in Scarborough Sends 3 to Hospital
  63. 6-03-2012 -  Man bites Lawrence Walmart employee
  64. 6-04-2012 -  Woman charged after punching, biting police officers
  65. 6-04-2012 -  Miami Man behind bars allegedly growls, tries to bite officer
  66. 6-04-2012 -  2 Workers Taken To Hospital In Hazmat Incident At Naval Research Lab
  67. 6-04-2012 -  Cryptosporidium source sought in Britain
  68. 6-05-2012 -  Firefighters, HazMat team called to Salmon Creek 7-Eleven
  69. 6-05-2012 -  Homicide victim: Homeless man died from ruptured spleen 
  70. 6-05-2012 -  Woman arrested for allegedly scratching, biting cops
  71. 6-05-2012 -  Carl Jacquneaux allegedly bites face of victim in Louisiana assault
  72. 6-06-2012 -  Cops: 'Crazed' woman stole wig, bit shop owner, spit flesh at him 
  73. 6-06-2012 -  'Dead' Brazilian boy 'sits up in coffin at his own funeral and asks for WATER before lying back down lifeless'
  74. 6-07-2012 -  Man attacks co-worker with knife, bites his ear
  75. 6-07-2012 -  Huron implement dealer evacuated after suspicious package
  76. 6-09-2012 -  HAZMAT Team Called into Medical Waste Recycling Plant
  77. 6-11-2012 -  Confirmed: Crook Co. Man Has the Plague
  78. 6-13-2012 -  Plague Rare in U.S., Surfacing in More Affluent Areas
  79. 6-13-2012 -  Sacramento pastor dies from 'flesh-eating bacteria' complications 
  80. 6-14-2012 -  Woman accused of shoplifting bites Wal-Mart employee trying to block her escape
  81. 6-14-2012 -  Neha Afreen, Reshma Banu's Infant, Murdered & Bitten By Father Because 'It Is A Girl'
  82. 6-14-2012 -  N.Y. mom on possible bath-salt bender dies after Tasing
  83. 6-14-2012 -  Hazmat situation sickens one and shuts down ER
  84. 6-14-2012 -   Naked man allegedly abducts 9-year-old from bedroom
  85. 6-15-2012 -  Woman beats deadly flesh eating bacteria
  86. 6-15-2012 -  Man Battling Flesh-Eating Bacteria Could Go Home Soon
  87. 6-17-2012 -  Man 'shouting incoherently,' dies of unknown causes in Texas 
  88. 6-18-2012 -  Commerce Township teen bites dad 
  89. 6-19-2012 -  Sickness in NJ courthouse remains mystery
  90. 6-19-2012 -  Details emerge in rabid skunk attack
  91. 6-19-2012 -  Man bites dog: WPD K9 recovers after attack
  92. 6-19-2012 -  Naples man bites nurse, threatens to 'eat faces,' cops say
  93. 6-20-2012 -  White Plains supermarket encounter, with teeth
  94. 6-21-2012 -  Man under the influence gets naked, bites off chunk of man's arm 
  95. 6-21-2012 -  Monkey bite victim: 'They jumped me, they just jumped me'
  96. 6-22-2012 -  University of East Anglia student suspended after biting bouncer
  97. 6-22-2012 -  Move over zombies: Man left bloodied and screaming in pain after attack by 'bunch of leprechauns'
  98. 6-23-2012 -  Anthony Giancola, Former Principal, Charged In Stabbing Rampage

So is this the beginning of the zombie apocalypse? No one can say for sure to be honest- and there are already instances of "zombie-like" disease plaguing areas of the world today. Whether it's the krokodil drug epidemic that Russia has been battling for well over a year. A nasty drug that if injected wrong rots the skin (making it look like crocodile skin) and eventually exposing bone- making it's victims look like walking skeletons. (Google krokodil for videos on what it does to the body)

Or the mysterious nodding disease affecting many Ugandan children-
a disease that greatly affects the brain turning it's victims into nodding, aggressive zombie like people.

Ironically, an article posted in National Geographic in 2010 quoted Samita Andreansky- a virologist working at the University of Miami in Florida. Coincidental or not? She is quoted as saying:
"Sure, I could imagine a scenario where you mix rabies with a flu virus to get airborne transmission, a measles virus to get personality changes, the encephalitis virus to cook your brain with fever"—and thus increase aggression even further—"and throw in the ebola virus to cause you to bleed from your guts. Combine all these things, and you'll [get] something like a zombie virus." - "Zombie Virus" Possible via Rabies-Flu Hybrid - NATGEO

Also in 2010 George Dvorsky posted on the Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technologies a very interesting article that visits not only pop culture zombification techniques but also real life examples of present day zombies- like the malaria virus and it's affect on the mosquitoes it infects or the chemicals making grasshoppers commit suicide. That article can be viewed here: How to Engineer a Zombie Virus

Regardless of what the outcome of these situations are I feel that it is imperative that we as a society stop basing what zombies actually are by examples on television and movies. The "double-tap" and "awakened after death" are simply movie plots- and not reality.

Earlier in April Forbes stated this about Vladimir Putin's Zombie Gun: "The more insidious design–just one among the list proposed by Seryukov–is a weapon that could theoretically render someone pliable or even drive them insane by directly attacking the brain.  This is the weapon most appropriately described as a “zombie gun” for obvious reasons.  If the weapon can short-circuit the executive function capacity of the brain, then it’s plausible that the target would become silly putty, or possibly revert to a primal state and eat someone else’s brain (too early to tell)." - Are We Ready for the Russian Zombie Gun?

After all, zombies do exist.
It's just a matter of how you define them.

*CalTech researchers reportedly created a 'zombie-like' virus that was effective in mice, and 'perhaps' humans in the summer of 2011. The article for that can be found here: CalTech

According to an article posted on the doctor spitting blood at police and the mystery rash that has been plaguing Florida are related, they posted this today: "Elsewhere, Gawker reports that health officials and hazmat teams have been unable to identify the source of a "mysterious rash" that has broken out across parts of Florida. In one incident, 41-year-old Zachary Bird went on a rampage after being pulled over. He spit blood into a trooper's eyes and banged his head on the cop's car several times. His demeanor was described as "extremely agitated and enraged."  The plot thickens.

And don't forget that half of the population of Earth in infected with toxoplamosa gondii a parasite found commonly in rats and cats. As Technovelgy says: "Half of the world's human population is infected with Toxoplasma. Parasites in the body - and the brain. Remember that. Toxoplasma gondii is a common parasite found in the gut of cats; it sheds eggs that are picked up by rats and other animals that are eaten by cats. Toxoplasma forms cysts in the bodies of the intermediate rat hosts, including the brain. Since cats don't want to eat dead, decaying prey, Toxoplasma takes the evolutionarily sound course of being a "good" parasite, leaving the rats perfectly healthy. Or are they? Oxford scientists discovered that the minds of the infected rats have been subtly altered. In a series of experiments, they demonstrated that healthy rats will prudently avoid areas that have been doused with cat urine. In fact, when scientists test anti-anxiety drugs on rats, they use a whiff of cat urine to induce neurochemical panic. However, it turns out that Toxoplasma-ridden rats show no such reaction. In fact, some of the infected rats actually seek out the cat urine-marked areas again and again. The parasite alters the mind (and thus the behavior) of the rat for its own benefit. If the parasite can alter rat behavior, does it have any effect on humans? Dr. E. Fuller Torrey (Associate Director for Laboratory Research at the Stanley Medical Research Institute) noticed links between Toxoplasma and schizophrenia in human beings, approximately three billion of whom are infected with T. gondii:
  • Toxoplasma infection is associated with damage to astrocytes, glial cells which surround and support neurons. Schizophrenia is also associated with damage to astrocytes.
  • Pregnant women with high levels of antibodies to Toxoplasma are more likely to give birth to children who will develop schizophrenia.
  • Human cells raised in petri dishes, and infected with Toxoplasma, will respond to drugs like haloperidol; the growth of the parasite stops. Haloperidol is an antipsychotic, used to treat schizophrenia."
The CDC sent an email to the Huffington Post today stating: "CDC does not know of a virus or condition that would reanimate the dead (or one that would present zombie-like symptoms)," wrote agency spokesman David Daigle. I find the word chose a bit odd- for instance why not "knows it does not exist" instead of "does not know"? Especially after they openly admitted that they were baffled by the nodding disease in Africa/Uganda. Nodding disease baffles expertsCDC Nodding Syndrome . Of course this is purely speculation as they deny knowing anything about a disease.

xoxo disaster girl

Purely for amusement purposes only:
Zombie Interactive Survival Map