August 30, 2014

Abandoned by the World - Apocalypse Now Photo Series - Part 5

Apocalypse Now

Previous Segments of the Apocalypse Now Photo Series 

About a year ago I discovered Reddit and as any good Redditor will tell you- I've lost so much time because of it. So much time, gone. The wealth of information on reddit is incredible, and the daunting need to see it all is virtually insatiable.  I am constantly finding new favorites on the site, but my two favorites will always be r/ShowerThoughts and r/AbandonedPorn. Before I found r/AbandonedPorn I used to have to scour the interwebs for new pictures for this photo series, but now.. I'm drowning in them. Now Reddit has this thing about Buzzfeed always stealing their content for articles (I've seen the picture, Buzzfeed.) so I've decided to fully admit my 'borrowing'. These photos ( & the forum itself) are amazing, and need to be seen by the world. For those of you who haven't visited reddit yet.. I'm sorry. You'll understand later.

So once again let's look at some more abandoned places of the world, some near and some far but all equally as breathtaking. If you have an abandoned place in your area, or know of a cool location please feel free to submit via the contact tab above. Below are five more places that the world has forgotten but r/AbandonedPorn has found, some recent- some very old. You can look for Part 6 of the Apocalypse Now Photo Series in early fall of this year.

Abandoned Mine in the Ural Mountains, Russia

Deserted Movie Set in Alabama used to film 'Big Fish'
 Reddit Thread on r/AbandonedPorn

The skeletal remains of a sugar barrons grand mansion, torched during WWII in the Philippines.

Blue Spiral Staircase - Abandoned European Castle - Location Unknown

The Haunted Miranda Castle in Belgium

xoxo disaster girl

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