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Interesting Disaster News & Stories

Drone Captures Epic Footage of Iceland Volcano Eruption
US is Hoarding Nuclear Weapons for a Real 'Armageddon'
Studies Link Climate Change to Recent Extreme Weather Events
Scores possibly exposed to U.S. Ebola patient; four isolated
Japanese Volcano Erupts: Hikers Missing
Red tide off northwest Florida beaches killing marine life
U.S. Ebola carrier to be treated in Maryland
Water existed even before Sun was created, says study
India's Space War
In The California Drought, These Animals Are The Silent Sufferers
Extent of Antarctic sea ice reaches record levels, scientists say
Far-Eastern Russian Volcano Spews Ash Over 40 Kilometers
PLANKTON found in space: Sea creatures are discovered living on the exterior of the ISS
Iceland Volcano Bardarbunga: 1,000 Earthquakes Detected Near Volcano, Adding To Fears Of A Potential Explosion
Brazil Refuses to Join UN Pact to End Deforestation
Rest Easy: Earthquakes In Mammoth Lakes Area Unrelated To Volcanic Activity
Move over Harry Potter: Scientists create real-life ‘invisibility cloak’
Astronomers discovered a new planet with water vapour in its atmosphere
Will ET Be Here Soon? NASA Brings Scientists, Theologians Together To Prepare
Is Pluto A Planet After All? Bill Nye Weighs In On The Debate
Military's Tiny Implant Could Give People Self-Healing Powers
West Africa Ebola death toll passes 3,000 - WHO
Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Disappears
UN: Spread Of Polio Is A World Health Emergency
Malaysia Airlines Flight 17: Plane with 298 on board shot down in Ukraine
Forest Service says media needs photography permit in wilderness areas, alarming First Amendment advocates
'Traffic Light' On Mars Spotted In NASA Curiosity Rover Photo
Mysterious Holes In Siberia May Actually Be Odd Type Of Sinkhole 
Four Fireballs Spotted in Sky over East Coast Of America
Mount St. Helens shows signs of reawakening
‘Goodnight Earth. Goodnight humanity’: China’s Jade Rabbit rover tweets its own death 
Vermont's Zombie Bees
Does Polar Vortex Mean 'So Much for Global Warming?'
Yellowstone Geyser Erupts For First Time in Years
Source of Galapagos Volcanism Not Where Scientists Thought
Midwest Earthquake Risk Still Looms
Hellish Northridge Earthquake: Is Los Angeles Safer 20 Years Later?
14 presumed dead, three critically injured as Mt Sinabung spews ash
Dangerous 'polar vortex' grips Midwest; 16 below in Chicago

Interesting Disaster News & Stories

Thousands flee as massive cyclone tears into India's coast
US Government shutdown is already doing severe damage
Arctic's Hudson Bay Warming Rapidly, at Tipping Point
First Evidence Found of a Comet Strike on Earth
"Calcified" Birds, Bats Found at African Lake
Mysterious Missile Launch Seen From Space Station
Krokodil, The Flesh-Eating Street Drug That Rots Skin From Inside-Out, Expands To Illinois
New ideas for how Earth core formed
'The Walking Dead': How to Survive a Zombie Invasion
Searching for life in our galaxy may have just gotten a little harder
A sneak peak inside Google and NASA's new quantum AI lab 
Prof Peter Higgs did not know he had won Nobel Prize
By 2047, Coldest Years May Be Warmer Than Hottest in Past, Scientists Say
Don't mourn comet ISON yet: Sun-grazer may well survive, experts say
Mysterious Pentagram on Google Maps Explained
Three Years to Fukushima Radioactive Plume to Reach U.S. Coast
Jesse Marcel Jr. Dead: Body Of Physician Who Handled Roswell Debris Found In Montana
5 Surprising Cultural Facts About Syria
Did Life Start on Mars?
Internet Crash: 6 Unthinkable Scenarios
'Grand Canyon' of Greenland Discovered Under Ice
What's Killing Bottlenose Dolphins? Experts Discover Cause
Fukushima Leak's 'Level 3' Rating: What It Means
Newly Declassified Map Reveals Area 51 Exists
Kepler Spacecraft Disabled; "Exciting Discoveries" Still to Come
Five Incredible—and Real—Mind-Control Applications
Meet 115, the Newest Element on the Periodic Table
Climate Change’s Severity on Rise
Earthquake Kills 5 People in Southwest China
Smoke from Rim fire reaches Yosemite Valley
Home> U.S. Dozens of Aftershocks Expected on Alaskan Island
Fukushima now in state of emergency, leaking 300 tons of radioactive water daily
It's on! Farmers begin suing Monsanto over genetic pollution of wheat crops
Sixth U.S. ship now in eastern Mediterranean ‘as precaution’
Putin: US Chemical Weapons Claims “Utter Nonsense"  
New supernova Discovered
  Mysterious Hum Driving People Crazy Around the World

2012 & 2011
Interesting Disaster News & Stories
Higgs boson gets set to music
Scientists attribute extreme weather to man-made climate change
Study confirms there's sound to the northern lights
Swine flu vaccine caused slight risk of Guillain-Barre syndrome
'Mystery' Illness Likely Not Only in Cambodia, CDC says
“Snow Monster” Spotted in Mount Rainier Creek
Solar System's "Grotesque" Twin Found
"Doomsday” Seed Vault Safeguards Our Food Supply
"God Particle" Found? "Historic Milestone" From Higgs Boson Hunters
3 Years of Auroras Caught on Camera
Video: Scientists Discover Portals Between Earth and Sun
Report: U.S. Just Experienced Warmest Year on Record
Weird Clouds in Pictures
Possible Alien Message to Get Reply from Humanity
Video: Worms in Space Could Live Longer
What Is the Higgs Boson? ('God Particle' Explained)
Solar Flare Erupts From Giant Sunspot, Marks The Summer's Strongest Flare Yet
Little Girl, Tired Of West Virginia Power Outage: 'You Need To Come And Fix It'
Hurricane Emilia strengthens to Category 4 storm in Pacific; Daniel weakens to tropical storm
Record Heat Wave Devastates U.S. Corn and Soy Crops, Drives Food Prices Higher
Amazing map shows a century of earthquakes mapped at a glance 
 Roswell UFO Was Not Of This Earth And There Were ET Cadavers: Ex-CIA Agent Says  
Giant Sinkhole Opens Along US-24, Closes Highway Near Leadville, Colo. 
 Is Chagas the New AIDS? Experts Disagree
Avoid Pacific Bluefin Tuna, Radioactive or Not
Study: Sea rise faster on East Coast than rest of globe
NASA's Kepler discovers planets with extra-close orbits
Mars Water: Parts Of Red Planet's Interior As Wet As Earth's, Scientists Say
Surprise! Big Asteroid That Flew By Earth Larger Than Thought
Gulf on alert as Tropical Storm Debby's path 'uncertain'
Clinical Notes: Bird Flu Grows Scarier
Ticks causing mysterious meat allergy
Moderate earthquake in southwestern China leaves at least 2 dead, 100 injured
Extreme Summer Heat Breaks Records
Warm Snap Turned Antarctica Green Around the Edges
Venus Transit 2012 Pictures: Last Looks for a Century
Mysterious Geologic Structure Seen from Space
Ancient Super-Eruption Larger Than Thought
Chris Becomes First Hurricane of 2012 Season
Gallery of the Craziest Clouds
Italian Crop Circle Linked to Solar Eclipse
'Sunken UFO' on Baltic Seafloor: Images
Asteroid Warning System: Report Calls For International Effort To Avert Possible Catastrophe 
Supervolcanoes May Have Shorter Fuse Than Thought
Radioactive bluefin tuna cross Pacific
The Enigma 1,800 Miles Below Us 
Japan Says Tuna Radiation Levels May Need Global Monitoring 
Look Now for Venus to Cross the Sun, or Wait Another Century 
Earth Took 10 Million Years To Recover From Its Greatest Mass Extinction 
Wastewater leak caused by sewage in Arkansas 
Downgraded Beryl Leaves Wet Holiday in Wake: Storm Tracker 
Doomsday Asteroid Discovery News Video 
Naked attacker was chewing man's face 
NOAA State of the Climate April Report 
Tepco: ‘No Plan’ To Deal With A Fukushima Collapse That Threatens Civilization  
Beryl to bring rain, winds to southeast U.S. coast 
Space station astronauts enter world's 1st private supply ship 
Bigfoot and Yeti DNA Study Gets Serious 
Volcano Crystals Hold Clues to Next Big Eruption 
Scientist: Evolution debate will soon be history  
Sky gazers delight as Venus gets set to become planet of the gapes 
Mars Rover Photos 
Climate Change Will More Than Triple Annual US Heat-Death Toll
Magma Rise Sparked Life as We Know It? 
Solar Eclipse Pictures: 2012 "Ring of Fire" Dazzles U.S., Asia 
Livescience Best Science Photos of the Week
What If the World Stopped Turning?
What If There Were No Seasons?
What If the Moon Had Never Formed?
Cram Session: Quantum Computing in 200 Words
Video: Stunning View of the Sun in Extreme UV Light
Earth faces a century of disasters, report warns
What If Humans Were Twice as Intelligent?
 Lies You’ve Been Told About the Pacific Garbage Patch
Photos of the Solar Eclipse 
Why Italy's Earthquake Was Weird 
Third case in flesh eating virus strikes Georgia 
Fuego eruption causes No-Fly zone 
Pollution in thunderclouds increases global warming 
12 Conspiracy Theories About The Masons
Newfound space rock will buzz Earth in February, astronomers report.
Best Supermoon Photos 2012
Best Night-Sky Pictures of 2012
Discovery News Videos: Space: Doomsday Asteroid
Embracing the Weird, Weird World
Second Contact: Would We Go Back?
Fuego Volcano Shoots Ash, Lava in Guatemala
Solar eclipse: moongazers in Asia and US await fiery donut in the sky
Earthquake in Italy - magnitude 6.0 temblor in northern Italy
Tropical storm Alberto watch issued for parts of SC coast
Rare Caterpillar Horizontal Earthquake Discovered
Fukushima reactor No. 4 vulnerable to catastrophic collapse
The Ring Of Fire Is Roaring To Life
Cluster Of Large Quakes Serve As Reminder
Massive Asteroid to Hit Earth in 2040?
Utah urges homeowners to buy earthquake insurance ahead of 'the big one'
Cesium in Fukushima Daichii Plant 122 Times Higher Than Belarus Evacuation Levels
4,700 Potentially Dangerous Asteroids Lurk Near Earth, NASA Says
North Korea Seen Restarting Work on Nuclear Reactor
Approaching Asteroid May Get Close Enough to Smash Satellites
86-Million-Year-Old Bacteria Found In Pacific Ocean Still Consuming Oxygen
SpaceX launches new era in space travel
Scientists use satellite to track superflares on sun-like stars
Game over for the climate?
Scientists To Build City Of The Future, where no one will live
Drug-Defying Germs From India Speed Post-Antibiotic Era
Earth In Crisis As Wildlife Numbers Plummet
NASA: Interstellar Cloud we are passing through should not exist
Nasa trains astronauts for asteroid mission
Global Nuclear Retreat Begins
SpaceX Readys for Last Mission
new Planet in our Solar System?
New HD Earth from Space Photos
Sun Is Moving Slower Than Thought
Free-floating Planets Could Harbor Life
Unprecedented Maya Mural Found, Contradicts 2012 "Doomsday" Myth
Pictures: New Maya Mural, Calendars Debunk 2012 Myth
Get ready for spectacular 'ring of fire' solar eclipse Sunday
Light From a "Super Earth" Seen—A First
Vast Antarctic ice sheet 'in play' with global warming
Top Ten Infrared Space Pictures Announced
Massive sunspot fires off powerful solar flares
Supermoon Pictures: Best Shots of Year's Biggest Full Moon
Observations of an Asteroid Provide Hints of How the Earth Came Together
Chinese Researchers Quantum Teleport Photons Over 60 Miles
Woman, 24, battles flesh-eating bacteria: Are you at risk?
Sunscreen in the Sky to Curb Climate Change?
Top 5 Scariest Bioweapons: Photos
Lucky Strike: Lightning Brings Seismic Surprise
Most Mammals Won't Flee Climate Change Fast Enough
Robot Soldiers Will Be a Reality -- And a Threat
Government Psychic Spies and Extraterrestrials
"What If?" 10 Sci-fi Alternate Universe Dreams
The Dalai Lama, Arianna Huffington Interview
JPMorgan Chase Has Lost $20 Billion On Its Bad Trade, Taking Into Account Share Price
Fort Lee NJ makes it illegal to text while Walking
FEMA and Pentagon’s National Guard Homeland Response Force Trains in NY
Why Is The Obama Administration Allowing The Chinese Government To Buy Up U.S. Oil And Gas Deposits Worth Billions Of Dollars?
At Disney World’s ‘Living with the Land’ exhibit, teaching children about GMO agriculture is fun
Talking Surveillance Cameras Coming to U.S. Streets
“We are Preparing for Massive Civil War,” Says DHS Informant
The US Military Wants To 'Microchip' Troops
The Next Yellowstone Supereruption Is Closer Than You Think
Fukushima fuel pool is urgent national security issue for America, ‘top threat facing humanity’
Mystery As Hundreds Of Pelicans Die In Peru
Asteroid Passes Between Earth and Moon
Why are these trees made of uranium?
'UFO Phil' Planning Network Show For 'Real Aliens'
The Volcanoes Are Alive with the Sound of Magma
Boom heard around Northern Nevada & Sierra; likely from meteor
Synthetic DNA substitute gets its own enzymes, undergoes evolution
No Evacuation as Mexico's Popocatepetl Volcano Belches Ash
Google execs and James Cameron to mine asteroids
Peru investigates 877 dead dolphins
Lyrid Meteor Shower Wows Skywatchers Around the World
Space Pictures This Week: Sun Tsunami, Hubble Spider, More
Opinion: It's hard to celebrate Earth Day while facing crisis of climate change
North Korea Nuclear Test: How Will We Know? What Could Happen?
Drug-Resistant Bacteria Found in 4-Million-Year-Old Cave
5 Baffling Discoveries That Prove History Books Are Wrong
First "alien Earth" to be found by 2014
USGS Scientists say drilling linked to "man-made" earthquakes
Energy level increased at big bang machine
Strange sound phenomena hypothesis
98% of Colorado in drought Drug resistant malaria spreading faster and wider
Cleaning up pollution fueled hurricanes, study says
State list on water need preps
CO2 cause last ice age
Leukaemia-Causing Radioactive Water Leaks From Fukushima Into Pacific
After Huge Ammo Buy, DHS Purchases Bullet Resistant Booths
Earth Summit 2012 prototers call for Personal Carbon Quotas
The New SOPA
Alien messages in plain sight
How the Mariana trench became the worlds deepest point
James Cameron Exclusive
"Sunquakes" triggered by CME's
Climate changes linked to waterborne diseases
Texas Tornadoes photo gallery
More "Titanic" icebergs today?
First hybrid shark found
10 ways science is using Human-Animal hybrids
Tons of radioactive waste spills from Fukushima
MIT professors predict Global economic collapse by 2030
Ice Age was accelerated by CO2
Kepler mission extended until 2016
Pollution playing huge role in Sea Temperatures
US Salmonella outbreak includes Georgia
"We couldn't even eat the seeds", Drought affecting millions in Africa's Sahel
The Real Life "Hunger Games"
UFO Event Revealed by Ex Military Pilot
Top Secret rocket launches in California
Japan holds off on restarting reactor
Flying cars arrive, with hefty price tag
Study says Earth has many moons
Russian Plane Crashes
New images of North Korea rocket prep
Study links religion with 'Believer Gene'
Two Suns Photo
Study says human ancestors used fire earlier than thought
Federal Judge rules citizens can buy guns and ammo during State of Emergency
Tungurahua's deadly eruption photos
Putin targets foes with 'Zombie' gun
Book says OJ is innocent, and his son is guilty
Feeling racist? There's a pill for that.
Mount Etna erupts for 5th time this year
FDA admits vaccines still contain Mercury
Radical Rethinking of Conspiracy Theories Underway Globally
New Research warns of Olympic Flu Pandemic Risk
In Haiti, Global failure on Cholera epidemic
FDA won't ban BPA
Dream Homes of the 2012 Apocalypse
Sick Man sickens Rescuers - Shuts down ER
Real life plans to Journey to the Center of the Earth
Asteroid gets friendly with Earth Sunday
James Cameron Underwater Revelations
Planet in critical state warns, Warns science declaration
Cities Shut Down For Earth Hour
Titanoboa Once Slithered The Earth
April SkyWatch
Fukushima reactor damage may be worse then previously thought
Studies point to pesticides as bee killer
NASA Rockets make weird clouds
OK given for publishing of lab-created revised bird flu reports
James Cameron take on the Mariana Trench
Giant sun tornado captured
Eclipses change weather, slightly
Lucy wasn't alone?
Norway northern lights video
Fossil Raindrops reveal Earth's early atmosphere
Glowing blue waves explained
Let's observe the moon
Pictures of the Year announced
Rare-Earth trade dispute heats up
BP tar balls still washing up on coast
Apollo 11 engines found, belong to NASA
Fukushima - One year Later
Solar Storm batter Earth
Solar storms to intensify in April
NASA discovers Galactic Globes
Plane Freakouts - 3 Incidents in March
Ancient Aliens ATS Thread
X5 Solar Flare
Mexico 7.4 Quake
Storms hit Midwest, 8 dead
Moons 'Earthshine' May Help Search for Alien Life
Massive Asteroid May hit the Earth in 2040
FEMA puts out Contract for 72 HR Turn around Camps for 'Displaced Citizens'
Incompetent People to Ignorant to Know it
Far More Blood Type Than You Think
9th Century Text Leaves Clues of Climate Change for Scientists
2/28/2012 Aurora Borealis Blew Hole through Magnetosphere?
POPSci Science Images - End of Feb
NATGeo Space Pictures of the Week
Will Climate Change make Everest Unclimbable?
Air Powered Concept Car
One Year Later, Japan's Nuclear Disaster Article
One Year Later, PBS Fukushima Daiichi/Japan Nuclear Disaster
Warmer Arctic = More Arctic Fires = More Warming
Less Arctic Snow = Snowier Northern Hemisphere?
If warmer weather shrunk horses, will it shrink us?
Drive-By Technology Measures CO2 Emissions with Infrared
3D Laser Maps show how Major Quakes Render the Earth
Earth's Clouds keep getting Lowed and Lower
Nomad Planets may be more Common than thought, May Orbit Black Holes
Rights' Groups Petition US Drone Use
Asteriod 2011 AG5 - A Reality Check
The Last Man on Earth- A Killer Flu Video
IBM says they're on the brink of Quantum Computing
ACTA, SOPA, PIPA, NDAA - Watch Out - Occupy & Anonymous are Coming for You
6 Real People with Super-Human Powers
Volcanic Aurora Borealis
Venus spinning Slower
Life began on land?
NatGEO Best of January Pictures
New Super Earth Found
Alien Particles invading our Solar System
Lake Vostok Breached
New NY sized iceberg about to break off
Rogue Meteorite Crashes in SC
Fukushima Reactor 4 Full of Fuel?
West Coast USA fault watch Forum
12,000 Year Old Unexplained Building Forum
Cyclone Giovanna hits Madagascar
Europe continues to Freeze, Death Tolls Rise
5.5 Earthquake hits California
Rescue efforts continue after Philippines quake
Cleveland Volcano Dome Growing
Tornadoes on the SUN
Rare Volcanic Smoke Rings 1
Etna Smoke Rings 2
Rare Volcanic Smoke Rings 3
32,000 Year old plant brought back to life
Ultradense Planet Found, Scientists Baffled
Earth Spun Faster in 2009
Fukushima Daiichi Radiation found 400 Miles away in Pacific Ocean
North Carolina Light Mystery
Two Headed Trout
10 Amazing Underground Homes
Best Places to see a UFO
Mass Resignation of Top Bankers
Future Recent History 2020 Discussion
New Madrid Dead Center 4.0
Countdown to the Apocalypse has begun.
Former Chinese Official says ETs walk among us
14,000-18,000 U.S. People Dead in the 14 Weeks Following Fukushima
South Wall at Fukushima Collapses, Evacuations May be needed.
Meet the Super Flu that can't be stopped H5N1.
Druids predict a good 2012
Study shows that melting glaciers means faster evaporation rate
IBM predicts mind-controlled PCs in 5 years
A look into the Doomsday Seed Vault
Pole Shifts
NASA explains what solar flares can do to earth
Earth Must of had a Second Moon says Scientists
Alaskan Volcano put on Alert after Single Explosion
Iceberg Stops Travelers from celbrating Centenary Voyage plans
Sinkhole threatens Pennsylvania Historical Cemetery
Surviving Planets orbit dead star giving Scientists new Hope
Sun Storms May Affect Radios and Cell Phones
Canada has first None-White Christmas in over 50 Years
Top 10 Vaccine Stories of 2011
Catastrophic Economic Collapse
Public Schools turned Indoctrination Centers and Prison Camps
The Government is Poisoning You
12 Must-See Space Events of 2012
Meteorite Likely Landed in Ontario
Comet Lovejoy shows off new Tail
Kepler's Mission
Giant Shrimp making a Comeback
Cleveland Mountain in Alaska sends out 15,000 FT Ash Plume
7.0 Quake hits Japan, causing no damage
Blackbirds falling from the sky in Arkansas Again
Time Cloak hid event in experiment, Physicists say
7 New Zealand Whales die, 18 Refloat
2012 Eruption Update
Search Begins for Moons that could support Life
Yellowstone Observatory adds new Mobile Webcam
Stephen Hawking Defies Science, Turns 70
American, British, Isreali & Iranian Warships Sailing towards Confrontation
David Ickes Occupy Wall Street Documentary
NDAA Criminal Takeover, You Can't legalize Tyranny
Unidentified Objects seen Leaving Moon
What if they're lying to you about Ron Paul?
200 Million Degree Laser could unlock the secrets of the Universe
Solar Storm hits Earth
Solar Storm Forecasts Improve
Blue-Marble Earth Sat Image
Restranded whales killed
Life on Venus, Scientist says No
Death Valley Volcano- Still Active?
Fiji declares State of Disaster
Fire Tornado
Tsunami Facts
Why Drug makers keep you Sick
Earthquakes may Poison Water
Noble Prize Winner Sues Obama
FEMA Camps Exposed
Bus sized asteroid misses Earth
Antartica 2012
Asteroid Threat to Earth Sparks Global 'NEOShield' Project
NASA finds 26 new planets
Biggest Solar Flare of 2012 released
Lego Man sent to Space
Comet death-dive into Sun
Giant veil of Cold Plasma found around Earth
Death Valley Big Bang
LAX FEMA Camp Confirmed
EU signs ACTA Global internet Censorship
Meteorite infused Wine!
ET's like Cows
NASA and the triangle shaped UFO
50 State Conspiracies

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