April 17, 2013

4 Things the Media Really Wants You to Believe

Over the last couple of years as Disaster Girl, there were several instances where something was brought to my attention in a 'Oh- this happens all the time, don't be alarmed' sort of fashion. Usually warranting a side eye, and fasting typing fingers to figure out how I could have possibly missed this bit of claimed 'truth'. Below is my list of the top things that the media would like to you believe is relatively normal and  completely true...

Yeah... Right.

4. We normally have several named winter storms a year.
This is a flat out lie from a well known and possibly most listened to
weather service in an attempt to 'alter' meteorological terms.
...And no one's happy. There was no Nemo, remember that.

3. Sinkholes developing is a pretty run of the mill thing.
While this isn't an incredibly rare thing to happen; the level, frequency,
and depth at which it is currently happening is a cause for alarm.

2. April is now fireball season.
Really? I mean come on media, you have got to be kidding me.

News Coverage
Alternative Views

1. Aliens aren't real.
Yet every major land holder in the world has at least
one government agency handling extraterrestrial matters.

So why do they want so desperately to convince us that these lies are truths? There could be a million difference angles at play here, but why speculate and avoid the real issue at hand? The fact of the matter is that winter storms are getting bigger and badder. A sinkhole could swallow your bedroom at any moment. Fireballs are raining from the sky at an alarming rate. And aliens are f*cking real.

Need I Say More?

xoxo disaster girl