January 19, 2014

Historical Facts that Started out as Conspiracy Theories

I get these comments a lot of the time that no conspiracy theories turn out to be true, and that it's all just 'nonsense'. I also can't tell you how many times I've told a particular person in my life that the Gulf of Tonkin was a false flag, never really happened, a grand mistake in communication, etc. Does that person listen & believe? Nope, they choose to continue believing the lie the US was fed in the 1960s. I think I get it though, patriotism was different in the days before technology. Patriotism these days consists of making sure you update you status about it, post a picture online celebrating, etc. I'm likely biased here, as I tend to romanticize the decades of yester-year. Either way unless we keep sharing and admitting that these things are facts our history books will forever be incorrect, and the future will never be as truthful as it could be. So read the list, do some digging, and share with others! Everyone deserves to have a little more truth in their lives.

  1. GM destroys the Electric Streetcar, an industry that benefited everyone involved, to make way for Gas Cars and higher profits. GM, along with several others were convicted and fine a total of $5,001.00- and that, is the real conspiracy theory. See More: Great American Streetcar Scandal
  2. French Captain Alfred Dreyfus is wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for being a spy, antisemitism and general injustice. The actual culprit is tried while Dreyfus is in jail and is acquitted the second day of trial. Dreyfus was later retried, and re-convicted of the crimes- but was given a pardon by the French government and set free. See More:  The Dreyfus Affair
  3. The CIA's Scientific Intelligence Division drugged, hypnotized, sensory deprived, isolated, tortured, and inflicted verbal, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse on countless American and Canadian citizens illegally. The program lasted about 20 years, the files related to the program began surfacing in 1977 with Senate hearings and ended in 2001 with the official declassification of all files related to it. For More Information See: Project MKUltra
  4. From 1963-1968 the FBI's COINTELPRO Agency commissioned a special task force just for Martin Luther King, but not to keep him safe like most would think. The purpose of the 5 year investigation which included wire tapping, bugs, disgusting remarks and letters was to "neutralize him as an effective Civil Rights leader". See More: FBI Official Report , MLK Task Force
  5. In the 1970's around 5,000 Church of Scientology members snuck into 136 government facilities in order to steal information and evidence of their wrong doings - and generally things they just didn't like. To date this is the largest infiltration of the US government in its history. 11 were convicted, yet not one saw sentences longer than 6 years. See More: Operation Snow White
  6. During the 1968 Presidential election, Candidate Richard Nixon committed treason in order to secure his win as President against acting Vice-President and opponent Hubert Humphrey. During the few weeks before voting day, Nixon destroyed peace talks designed to end the Vietnam War, telling Vietnamese leaders that any agreements made with President Johnson would not be kept. Nixon was never charged for this crime. See More on this: 1968 Nixon Election Treason
  7. In the years following World War 2, the US Office of Strategic Services created Operation Paperclip and the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency, with no back story they sound completely harmless. In fact both programs were designed to secretly employee former Nazi's in the US government. Operation Paperclip employed, and the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency successfully hid countless Nazi's who would have been convicted of war crimes had they not been relocated to America. For More Information See: Operation Paperclip & The JIOA
  8. One of the less looked at conspiracy theories surrounding the JFK assassination was that the Russian KGB was somehow involved and caused it. While not known if the KGB pulled the trigger themselves, they were not innocent either. Verified by several government agencies it was later found that the KGB had forged documents that implicated Oswald just days before the actual assassination. See More About This: Mitrokhin Archive & CIA Official KGB Disinformation Plot
  9. The event that caused the Vietnam War, an attack from Vietnamese soldiers on two US destroyers in international waters outside of Vietnam in 1964, was actually a complete lie. In 2005 it was released that it never happened and that President Johnson knew that before he formally declared War with Vietnam. The incident single-handedly caused the Vietnam War and Johnson later stated that "For all I know, our Navy was shooting at whales out there.". See More: The Gulf of Tonkin Incident
  10. For 40 years, the US Public Health Service conducted studies on 600 African American men, giving them free healthcare, meals, and burials. The men thought they were being treated for 'bad blood' a common generalized term used during that time-  most were actually sick with syphilis, however some were not. The USPHS not only lied to these men about what they had for 40 years, but they also never treated them for syphilis- this was because the experiment's main focus was to study the natural progression of the disease. It was also revealed in 2012 that the USPHS also experimented on Guatemalans in the 1940's but unknowingly giving them syphilis and gonorrhea. See: The Tuskegee Experiment & Guatemala Syphilis Experiments
  11. During the 1930's the wealthy heads of several major US corporations tried unsuccessfully at plotting a hostile takeover of the US and create a fascist dictatorship. No one was charged when the man who was supposed to be the figurehead caved and confessed to a Congressional Committee. See More: The Business Plot
  12. Operation Valkyrie, an emergency continuity of government plan designed to keep Germany from falling apart during World War 2 and the Holocaust included a separate plot. Known as the July 20th Plot, it was designed to rid Germany of Nazi's by killing Hitler and his top men. After many attempts to fulfill the operation which continued until 1944, it finally failed. See More About Both Here: Operation Valkyrie & The July 20th Plot
  13. In 1953 the United States specifically the CIA and the UK government successfully overthrew Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh buy bribing Iranian politicians,security & army officials, as well as propaganda. The CIA confirmed this in 2013. For More Information visit: Operation Ajax
  14. The Counter Intelligence Program also know as COINTELPRO successfully conducted covert & illegal operations that investigated domestic political organizations.This agency also conducted investigations into Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as well as several US Senators. See More Information: COINTELPRO 
  15. The US Government is planting smart street lights in America that can not only see you, track your movements with sensors, but hear what you're saying as well. To See the Full Story: Intellistreets
  16. Almost all media in America is controlled by a small group of people, specifically 6 corporations whose heads are: Brian Roberts / Comcast Corp, Rupert Murdoch / News Corp, Bob Iger / Disney Corp, Phillippe Dauman / Viacom Corp, Jeffrey Bewkes / Time Warner, Leslie Moonves / CBS Corp. To Find Out More See: The 6 Corporations that Control American Media
  17. The US continues to put additives in their water including fluoride, chlorine, trace amounts of arsenic, hydrofluosilicic acid and sodium silicofluoride.To date there have been several US incidences where people got sick from the water- and even died from fluoride poisoning.  See More Here: There's Something in the Water
  18. In 2013 the CIA acknowledged that Area 51 existed, and was in fact called Area 51 by the government. The CIA stated that the facility was used for the development and testing of experimental aircraft and weapons systems. For More Information: Area 51 Declassified
  19. In June of 2013, Edward Snowden an ex-NSA contractor leaked top secret documents detailing how far the NSA was really spying on the world. He still continues to release documents. See: 2013 NSA Mass Surveillance Disclosures
  20. The top people in the world (Media Moguls, Presidents, Business Leaders) all go to the same, strange summer camp. For the Full Story See: Bohemian Grove
  21. Before 1963 the US Mafia was never thought to be as big and well structured as it actually was- even to the US Government. It wasn't until a Mafia member turned in evidence in 1963 that it became a known fact. See More: American Mafia
  22. For a number of years starting in the late 1940s the US government had a secret campaign to influence American media with pro-CIA viewpoints. It was discovered in the mid 1970's that this was true. For More Information Please See: Operation Mockingbird
  23. The early beginnings of the Atomic bomb, were once thought of as a conspiracy theory. The US, UK and Canada participated in making the first atomic devices between 1942-1946, and even when the information did come out- very few people knew what it all meant. Please Visit: The Manhattan Project
  24. It was always known that asbestos did horrible things to the human body, with the earliest dated account being in 60-114 AD, and more recently (& medically) 1899. Most think it is banned, however that ruling was overturned- and you can still find plenty of asbestos lying around. (Hint: Check your drinking water) Find out More: Asbestos Still in the USA
  25. Former President Richard Nixon tasked men to break into the Democratic National Convention to steal files, they were caught & Nixon's tape recordings helped both prosecute everyone involved but also impeach the President. More Info: The Watergate Scandal
  26. TEPCO purposely rigged radiation readings so that the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster wasn't 'seen' as bad as it was until it was to late. The committee tasked with investigating the cover-up said upon releasing its findings: "It was a profoundly man-made disaster -- that could and should have been foreseen and prevented. And its effects could have been mitigated by a more effective human response." and "Governments, regulatory authorities and Tokyo Electric Power [TEPCO] lacked a sense of responsibility to protect people's lives and society," the Commission said. "They effectively betrayed the nation's right to be safe from nuclear accidents." See More Here: 1 & TEPCO Cover Up of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster
  27. False Flag operations should never be thought of as conspiracy's as the US government has been talking about them since the early 1960's.For More Information Visit: Operation Northwoods  More false flag operations aimed at blaming Cuba for various disasters. Find Out More: Operation Mongoose
  28. Wartime Propaganda, a young girl falsely gave a testimony to a Congressional Human Rights Committee that Iraqi soldiers had killed babies by stealing incubators. It was later found out that she was the daughter to the US Ambassador of Kuwait, and that it had been planned by a public relations group and the Kuwait government. See: Testimony of Nayirah
  29. Late in 1985 the US Government secretly facilitated the sale arms to Iran, the government later admitted to this in 1987. More Here: The Iran-Contra Affair
  30. One of the largest private banks in the world is seized and shut down due to vast fraud, and other illegal activity. Creditors were never repaid debts. To See the Full Story: The BCCI Scandal
  31. The CIA is thought to have been trafficking drugs into the US for quite some time, although they personally won't confirm or deny. For More: CIA Controversies & Gary Webb's Dark Alliance Info
  32. Some more confirmed false flag operations. More Information: Operation Gladio
  33. The Church committee discovers that the CIA, FBI, and NSA are opening our mail and ordering hits on World Leaders. See More of the Story: The Church Committee
  34. The New World Order is real, although it may not be as 'Secret-Society-Esque' as the rest. More Here: The New World Order
  35. 8 Major League Baseball players purposely throw a World Series game to work off debt from gamblers in 1919. They were later acquitted but all banned from Baseball. More: The Black Sox Scandal
  36. Ever heard that joke that a small group of business men run the world? Turns out, it's pretty much true. See More Information Here: The Business Roundtable 
  37. The Illuminati is not only real, but pretty well documented. Founded the same year America's Declaration of Independence was founded, some even believe that George Washington was actually Illuminati founder Adam Weishaupt. See: The Illuminati
  38. The Rockefellers and other big named family do in fact have a large stake in how decisions are made in the world. Please See: The Trilateral Commission
  39. The plans that would continue the US Government in a disaster are so secret, that most of the nations leaders don't know what they are. The lack of oversight in these decisions is one of the main reasons this was a conspiracy theory. More Here: The Continuity of Operations Plan
  40. The Federal Reserve is trusted with most of the world's gold supply, yet most have never even seen the facility or gold. Whether there is anything in there is besides the point, and the organization feels it is above the governments of the world and refuses any efforts for audits. Find Out More: The Federal Reserve System 

It doesn't hurts to question things, it just enlightens.

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January 5, 2014

& Another 5 Abandoned by the World - Apocalypse Now Photo Series - Part 3

Apocalypse Now

Yet again we visit places that have been forgotten by the modern world, for the previous parts to the Apocalypse Now Photo Series please visit the following links [ Part 1 | Part 2 ]. Inside these places you are able to get a taste of the end of the world without experiencing the destruction first hand. As stated several times before- these places are abandoned which likely means that they are closed to the public, and any adventurer who wishes to visit these places in the future is advised to use stealth. This article will conclude the Apocalypse Now series for now, and new segments of the series will debut later this year in October.

The Original Town of Chaiten, Chile

Ruins of the Future - Sanzhi, China UFO Houses

The Old Village of Belchite - Zaragoza, Spain

Island of the Dolla - Canals of Xochimico, Mexico

Grand Bassam - Cote d'Ivoire, Africa

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