August 31, 2013

Alaska hit by 7.0 Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption in 24 Hours


On Friday August 30th, 2013 Alaska was hit by both a large earthquake, and a large volcanic eruption. The eruption of the Veniaminof volcano on the Alaskan Peninsula sent ash more than three miles into the sky, while the 7.0 quake struck off shore Alaska, specifically near Adak Island. Although both the volcanic eruption and earthquake were tied to the same tectonic plate, at this time there is no direct link between the two. No FAA advisories or tsunami warnings were issued in either event, also no injuries or reports of damage have been reported thus far. Veniaminof volcano remains on ORANGE alert at the AVO (Alaska Volcano Observatory).


Local Area Quake Plot
Veniaminof 24 HR Webicorder Feed
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FEMA Spoofs Americans, Aces Vast Majority in New Commercials

Aces Vast Majority in New Commercials

"Created pro bono by New York-based advertising agency Deutsch Inc., the TV, radio, outdoor, print and digital PSAs take a humorous approach to emphasize the importance for parents to involve their children in the preparedness process. Through these PSAs, families are provided preparedness conversation starters including: who to call as your out-of-state emergency contact, where to meet if everyone is separated, and what to pack as part of your emergency supply kit. The PSAs direct to the redesigned Ready Kids website where parents can find age-appropriate tools and resources they need to make preparedness a year-round family activity." -Via

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August 26, 2013

Hungry Earth Chronicles - What the Earth Ate This Month

What the Earth Ate this Month

                              08/01/2013 - Cottondale, Alabama - Sinkhole Closes Only Road In Town
                              08/04/2013 - Sharon Springs, Kansas - 200 FT Sinkhole Opens Up
                              08/05/2013 - Miami Beach, Florida - Sinkhole Nearly Swallows Car
                              08/07/2013 - Kingston, New York - Sinkhole Swallows Section of Street
                              08/09/2013 - Pittsburg, Pennsylvania - Sinkhole Swallows Intersection
                              08/10/2013 - Montgomery Township, Pennsylvania - Sinkhole Opens Up In Pond
                              08/11/2013 - Fort Drum, New York - Sinkhole Found in Residents Backyard
                              08/11/2013 - Clermont, FloridaSinkhole Swallows Part of Resort
                              08/13/2013 - Niles, Massachusetts - Sinkhole Opens Up Street
                              08/13/2013 - Simi Valley, California - Sinkhole Swallows Up Intersection 
                              08/14/2013 - Butte-Silver Bow County, Montana - Sinkhole Opens Up in Mans Backyard
                              08/15/2013 - St. Genevieve, MissouriCar Falls Into Sinkhole, Trapping Woman 
                              08/15/2013 - Granby, Massachusetts -  Sinkhole Collapses Yet Another Street
                              08/19/2013 - Gulfport, Mississippi - Sinkhole Collapses Street
                              08/19/2013 - Palm Desert, California - Sinkhole Traps a Car on Cook Street
                              08/20/2013 - Elizabeth, New Jersey - Sinkhole Closes Two Lanes on Highway
                              08/20/2013 - Clarksville, Tennessee - Sinkhole Swallows Highway Lane
                              08/20/2013 - Ocala, FloridaSinkhole Swallows 5 Acre Lake
                              08/21/2013 - Bayou Corn - Louisiana - 1 Year Old Sinkhole Swallows Some More Trees
                              08/22/2013 - Hellam Township, Pennsylvania - Two Sinkholes Discovered on Route 30 W
                              08/23/2013 - Dade City, Florida - 30 FT Wide Sinkhole Swallows Road
                              08/23/2013 - Truckee, California - 8 FT Sinkhole Swallows Highway
                              08/24/2013 - Madawaska, Maine Truck Falls into Sinkhole

The Science Behind Sinkholes

Are you in a sinkhole prone area?
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Courtesy of USGS Water-Science School

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