April 22, 2012

Current Threats - Megatsunamis - They're Not What You Think

Megatsunamis are not fiction, in fact they are scientific fact yet many people choose to add them to the "hypothetical" category of nature. They are not- in any way, shape or form, hypothetical- in fact they are very very real. People choose to ignore things like these because they are hard to process mentally. A two thousand foot mega wave? "Hell no.. that just doesn't happen here!" I beg to differ. Not only does it happen, but it has happened in our recent history- a mere 54 years ago to be exact. Right here, in my home- The United States of America. A 1,720 foot wave washed across American soil, did you hear about it? I bet not.

How could something so majestic be so formidable?
Meet Lituya Bay, Alaska - A hydrophobic's worst nightmare.

In the evening of July 9th 1958, Lituya Bay got a taste of what a megatsunami was and just how horrifying a wave that big could be. An earthquake measuring 7.9 on the ritcher scale, occurring on the fairweather fault (aha.. even science has a sense of humor) just 13 miles southeast of Lituya Bay caused a landslide that pushed approximately 30 million cubic meters of ice and rock to fall into a narrow section of the bay. The result was a monstrous wave, of epic proportions. Based on damages to trees and foliage in the area, the wave was accurately measured to have a height of 1,720 feet, or way too fucking high by normal people standards.

Not only did this monstrous wave happened, but there were survivors. Talk about being the apple of every surfers eye, these guys actually got to ride the wave! I have officially given them both the title of the world's first megatsumani riders- Meet Sonny and Harold Ulrich, the coolest boat surfers ever.

So just how big is a 1,720 foot wave?
Let's take a look.

Now onto the worst part, it may happen again.

Current Megatsunami Threats

1. Mount Breakenridge, British Columbia - unstable rock face may destroy Harrison Hot Springs
2. Cumbre Vieja Volcanic Ridge, La Palma Canary Islands - fissure on the eastern side of summit may cause the western half to collapse into the ocean devastating the Caribbean and the Eastern Seaboard of the USA.
3. Mauna Loa or Hilina Slump, Hawaii - Landslides after volcanic eruptions may destroy Honolulu.
4. Cape Verde Islands - Debris avalanches may cause megatsunami in unknown directions.

Now let's take a look at what number 2 will look like when it happens.
Oh Boy.

While scientists still argue that the collapse of Cumbre Vieja may happen in small pieces rather than one large chunk it is important to understand that scientic fact is only scientific fact until it happens and we see it. Megatsunamis have happened in the past but it wasn't until the 1958 Lituya Bay megatsunami that it was widely accepted as fact. The scientific bickering means nothing in the end. We just have wait until it happens.

Get your arks ready.
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April 14, 2012

Wisconsin Booms Continued - 4/14/2012

In my attempt to continue covering the Wisconsin booming noises I have stumbled across a couple more interviews and articles I felt were important in looking at the whole picture. Below is a detailed interview with the City Administrator of Clintonville Wisconsin, Lisa Kuss- followed by a couple more updates on the booms!

Blue Cheddar's "What goes boom in the night? Clintonville, Wisconsin" Onsite Research Article

Clintonville Booms Have Quieted Down

Updated: Thursday, 12 Apr 2012, 5:56 PM CDT
Published : Thursday, 12 Apr 2012, 8:18 AM CDT

CLINTONVILLE (AP) - The reports of booming in Clintonville have quieted down.

Residents started reporting the sounds and shaking March 18 and experts detected a 1.5-magnitude earthquake about two days later. The reports started to die down until another big boom over a week later. There have been a few reports since then.

Four seismometers have been installed and so far confirmed a .1 magnitude earthquake March 30.

City administrator Lisa Kuss said Wednesday police have only received a handful of calls recently.

U.S. Geological Survey Geophysicist John Bellini says he's still comparing their data with resident reports but haven't found anything substantial.

He suspects the events are a swarm of small earthquakes - which are not unusual across the nation, can last up to a few months and can be sporadic.

-From Fox 11 News

All quiet...for now..

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P.F.S. No further information has surfaced on the Montello and Baraboo booming incidents.

April 6, 2012

Wisconsin Strange Occurrences Video Interviews

Hey guys - I've compiled a bunch of the video interviews from the Watertown, Clintonville, Montello, and Baraboo incidents. Still following the story and will provide an update when new information is available.

Clintonville Boom Recorder Interview

Baraboo Boom Interviews

Clintonville Town Meeting

Clintonville Boom Interviews

Clintonville Boom Interviews

Watertown tile Interviews

Montello Booms Interviews

If you guys find any more feel free to comment the links :)
I'll add more if I find them.

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April 5, 2012

A Must See Video Strange Occurrences/Disaster News of 2012 (so far)

*Please note this video has a small (under 30 second) amount of religious content.
Usually I wouldn't post a video with this kinda of content but I believe the video is incredible and worth watching regardless.

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April 3, 2012

The Wisconsin Booms - 4/4/2012 UPDATED

I have been continuing to follow the Clintonville booms, and although not much has surfaced in the last couple of days I have found a couple things I felt were worth sharing. Information released on 4/2/2012 states that Clintonville seismometers registered a tiny quake of 0.1 magnitude on 3/29/2012, you can view that information here.

A couple days ago I found an article that stated that in Watertown, WI something had moved underneath the ground in a school cracking tiles and closing the school for two days. A video covering that is below, and the article and additional video can be viewed here.

4/3/2012 UPDATE: I called the Clintonville police department this morning and spoke with one of their officers. I asked if the booming noises and earthquakes were continuing and the officer said they are still occurring sporadically and they were still getting reports in nightly.

4/4/2012 UPDATE: Apparently there is a new town to add to the Wisconsin booming incidents, Baraboo, WI- or more accurately nicknamed "Baraboom". The incident is slightly different than the Clintonville and Montello booms, as these incidences seem to be preceded by bright flashes of light. A National Weather Service meteorologist confirmed today that the cause of the light was not storm related, and there were no storms in the area that could have produced lightning. The cause as of yet remains another mystery to add to the list. I have included it to the strange occurrences in Wisconsin map I have below, ironically enough I have not (as of yet) had to make a new map as they're all in this neat little square on a map. The original Baraboo news story can be viewed here.

Another interesting point, brought to you by Alex Jones of Infowars, is that during the April 7th, 2011 magnitude 7.4 quake that hit Japan there was a bright light that appeared in the sky. I have yet to find a formal explanation of that light either. The source for that information can be viewed here. I have also added a video captured of the Japanese earthquake light below the first video. The mystery continues to deepen....

Additional thing to note is that the US Government canceled the early warning satellite system for earthquakes and volcanoes in late March of last year. A couple weeks after the devastating 8.9 earthquake that struck Japan. Why would they do this? The only thing I can think of is that they were monitoring earthquakes/volcanoes worldwide and they picked up nothing before the Japanese quake. If that's true I can understand why they would cancel the program, other than that I can not honestly see why they would do such a thing. Information about this programs cancellation can be viewed here.

Although this story is "unrelated" these towns (Clintonville, Montello, Watertown, Baraboo) are all in proximity of each other. I created a map of WI that highlights the 4 towns (red dots), and one peculiar thing about Clintonville and Watertown. They practically sit on the same latitude.

Strange Occurrences in Wisconsin

Here is a map from USGS on the New Madrid seismic zone, of which the area in Wisconsin sits on.
This doesn't necessarily mean that the earthquakes, booming, or tile raising events have anything to do with one another or are related to the New Madrid seismic zone but I feel it is necessary to point out the fact that this is the case in point.

I will continue to update the information on these occurrences until they have either ceased or a "formal" and "adequate" explanation is found.

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