July 1, 2014

Atlantic Tropical Update - Hurricane Arthur - 7/4 11PM Update

Hurricane Arthur

Hurricane Arthur  -  Cat 1
Max Ssd.Winds:  80 MPH -
Moving:  NE  at 28  MPH  ↑
Min Pressure:    976   MB ↓
Overview:  Holding Strong -
Last Updated: 7/4/14  11PM

Tropical Storm Arthur formed in the last couple of days just off the coast of the Eastern coast of Florida. Arthur is currently forecasted to continue up the Eastern of the US and the current five day models show it strengthening to hurricane intensity between Thursday July 3rd and Friday July 4th. Tropical Storm Arthur strengthened to a category one hurricane late Wednesday night. Hurricane Arthur is expected to make a second landfall in Canada. This information will be updated as all necessary information comes in.



  • 7/2 - Tropical Storm Watches Issued in Florida from Flagler Beach to Port St Lucie
  • 7/2 - Red flags were flown in several States today (Florida, Georgia), other states that will likely be flying red rip current flags will likely be South Carolina, North Carolina, and parts of Virgina in the coming days.
  • 7/2 - Dare County, North Carolina - State of Emergency Declared
  • 7/2 - Hattara's Island, North Carolina - Mandatory Evacuation Starting at 5AM on July 3rd
  • 7/2 - Hyde County, North Carolina -  Voluntary Evacuation Orders Issued
  • 7/3 - Pender County, North Carolina - State of Emergency Declared 
  • 7/3 - Hurricane Watches Issued for Coastal/Island areas in Massachusetts 
  • 7/3 - Several tornado warnings have been issued and continue to be issued
  • 7/3 - Hurricane Arthur made landfall at 11:15 PM at Cape Lookout and Beaufort North Carolina as a Category 2 hurricane with wind speeds of 100 MPH. 
  • 7/4 - Hurricane Arthur moves away from the North Carolina coast, the next area it is expected to directly affect is coastal Rhode Island and Massachusetts areas before moving on to Canada. 
  • 7/4 - All warnings/watches cancelled for North Carolina. Beaches Reopen, damage minimal, no casualties reported.

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