December 16, 2010

The Vivos Underground Survival Shelter Communities

"The Barstow branch will stock enough food and clothing to sustain 135 people for at least a year, and in a lifestyle that Vicino describes as compact but luxurious, like being on a cruise ship."
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Vivos Underground Shelter Benefits & Features
Courtesy of TerraVivos

Location Benefits:
√ Centrally located in the heart of the United States
√ Within a one-day drive from virtually everywhere
√ Far from known nuclear targets
√ Only 70 miles from Omaha: probable alternate capitol of the
U.S. should Washington D.C. become compromised
√ Far from large water bodies posing tsunami submersion threats
√ Far from major earthquake fault lines
√ Far from major cities and potential anarchists
√ In the ‘safe land zones’ envisioned on many futurist maps
√ Surrounded by farming, fishing, hunting and fresh water sources
√ Rural, remote location away from cities and military targets

Shelter Features:
√ Hardened concrete and steel nuclear shelter
√ Designed to withstand a 50 megaton blast within 10 miles
√ 137,000 square feet - on four levels
√ Largest Vivos shelter in North America
√ Accommodates over 900 people in semi-private suites
√ Equipped for up to one-year of autonomous survival
√ 228 carpeted bedroom suites of approximately 120 sq ft:
Includes sliding doorway, living room area with shelving and
storage, sofa, table with nested chair cubes, queen-sized bed
and bunk-bed, privacy curtain, reading lights, under bed
storage, decorative artwork, and more...
√ Semi-private bathrooms and private shower rooms
√ Community kitchen with bakery and dining area
√ Fully stocked wine cellar
√ 16’ tall atrium ceiling with a comfortable seating area
√ Fully equipped urgent care/triage hospital
√ One year of food, fuel, stores and supplies
√ Full wardrobe for all members
√ Hydroponic gardens
√ Community meeting and prayer rooms
√ Classroom
√ Theater
√ Hair salon
√ Exercise facility and jogging track
√ Pool tables and recreation areas
√ Computer areas
√ Private offices
√ Laundry facilities
√ Pet kennels
√ Storage rooms and warehouses
√ Closed circuit television and radio communications center
√ Fortified 10 mile defense lookout atop a 350’ tower
√ Security and detention center
√ Security vaults for weapons and valuables
√ Security equipment and outdoor remote sensing devices
√ Water purification facility with deep water well
√ Redundant power plants
√ Air ventilation handling and NBC conditioning systems
√ NBC Decontamination showers and facility
√ Interior water and fuel storage tanks
√ Battery banks for power storage
√ Mechanical repair shop
√ Armored vehicle and ATV storage
√ Farming, fishing and hunting equipment
√ Non-hybrid seed and DNA storage bank

When the shit hits the fan, there is no better place to be then in a place like The Vivos Underground Survival Shelter. Doomsday shelters are the newest and most important commercially available survivalist product on the market to date (According to Yours Truly). Unfortunately I dislike one thing about this whole idea. It takes 2012's Ark, and subtracts more compassion for ordinary people.

Don't get me wrong- I love the fact that people are taking heed. Preparing. Living. Questioning what the Government tell us. I love it. It makes writing this blog worthwhile. Creating Luxury Shelters, because we live in a technology paced, convenient to the point of retardation- society, is not the answer. If Earth was going to hit the reset button, luxuries would not matter to anyone other then the elite. Shelters that cost 10 Million Dollars to make, may be effective and luxurious, but lack one thing- humanity.

If you do happen to have $50,000 lying around the house and want to apply for a Vivos Shelter spot, be sure you have a job that sets you apart from the rest- and an excellent history in terms of practically everything. They will all have a jail and apparently, in post-apocalyptic times, they will (to my knowledge) try to maintain regular government order. This is all speculation based on their application, actual information would most likely only go to those who actually make it through all application processes.

I do believe that if the world was going to end ordinary people like you and me wouldn't matter in places like these. Many people would be abandoned. Shelters like these, and ones that governments build are solely for the purpose of the continuity of the human species and human civilization. Doesn't sounds bad right? Please don't forget about the millions of people who haven't had a shot to make something of themselves, people like children. People who just haven't had the option of being a doctor, a scientist, or an engineer. People who continue to struggle as the rich get richer, and the poor stay poor.

P.F.S.This entire article is completely biased. I'm just mad I don't have $50,000 lying around the house. Feel free to be pissed off too.

xoxo disaster girl

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