December 2, 2010

Alternative Modes of Transportation: Part Two & Three
Surviving a Volcanic Eruption/Massive Earthquakes


The Yellowstone Caldera is the world's largest Supervolcano and one can only speculate how devastating its eruption would be. Obviously the closer you live to Yellowstone, the lower your survival rates will be. I, on the other hand, live literally on the edge of the East Coast, so my survival rates are high- for the most part. Volcanoes are tricky, because they come with Pyroclastic flows AKA Ash Clouds. Avoiding a volcanic eruption is seemingly easy as long as you aren't anywhere near it.

Earthquakes are pretty easy to get around too, unless you live in California. If you do live in California- close this page & move the fuck out, this is my best and only suggestion. Hopefully you understand that you won't be John Cusack in "2012", you will most likely perish only to be remembered by your extremely tiny dog and the bank account you left behind. Anyways, methods to surviving earthquakes are fairly easy. Get off the Ground! Completely!

Volcanoes and Earthquakes are extremely different, but ironically your best way to avoid and escape these disasters are identical. You will have to act quick, and one can only guess what is quick enough. You will also need to prepare ahead of time, as this isn't something you can truly master without extensive practice.

If Yellowstone blows, or we start experiencing Earth Crust Displacement (A Theory by Charles Hapgood, Supported by Albert Einstein), the only place you want to be is off the ground. Your best measure? Learn to fly. In Apocalyptic times, Martial law will be enacted, and small airports that aren't around anything will most likely be forgotten. Finders keepers I say, because chances are- the owner of that plane won't be coming around anytime soon. He's probably on some Military vehicle, thanking god that he's gonna make it out alive... Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

If the apocalypse comes around and martial law is enacted, HIDE. Do not run to authorities. Martial law means ALL your liberties that you took for granted on a daily basis are null and void. You have no liberties. I don't know about you, but if I had no liberties or rights, the last place I'd want to be is on a Military base, begging for my one phone call.

So learn to fly, and learn everything you can about everything. This is the information age people, and you literally have the world at your fingertips. Use the internet to research what's going on in the world. Use it to map seismic faults. Use it to learn which Volcanoes are active, and which are overdue for an eruption. Use it to enlighten yourself, instead of further dumbing yourself down. Stop watching MTV shows, and do something constructive with your time. "Teen Mom - Amber" and "Snookie" from the "Jersey Shore" won't be your tour guides in the apocalypse, you will be. You won't trust yourself if all you're worrying about is if your poof is high enough.

P.F.S. I don't really trust American media, so when push comes to shove, check the U.K. news outlets like B.B.C., they have no reason to lie to you after all. I'm paraphrasing this only because I can't find the actual quote, Henry Burke (Ciaran Hinds) in Race to Witch Mountain says something to the effect of this: Why would the American Government take out the Conspiracists when they're correct? Doing so would only make the American people believe what they were saying.

P.P.F.S. No vehicle works when ash is falling, so make sure you get the hell out of there before it shows its ugly face.

xoxo disaster girl

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