December 2, 2010

Alternative Modes of Transportation: Part Six
& Adlibbed Part Seven
Surviving a Electricity Crisis/Zombies Apocalypse


I knew I wasn't going to make it through these stories without some mention of zombies. In this blog post I will be discussing the threat the looms in the distance, the coming solar flares or CME's of 2012-13, and an entirely random article I found on National Geographic a couple weeks ago. What links them you ask? The Cycle Rickshaw or as it's better known The Pedicab.

Most people don't know that the sun ultimately controls whether or not our electricity continues to function properly, but it does. A powerful solar flare could literally wipe out an entire electrical grid taking weeks or even months to repair. Don't believe me? Click Here, because it's happened before. That solar storm may be very small in comparison to what is coming.

In 2012 we will be heading into our next solar peak. Seeing as though recently solar activity has been more powerful then it was previously, scientists as well as NASA have warned the the coming flares may have an effect on our electricity grid. So lets jump right into the doomsday scenario:

You're home and it's the morning, year 2012, you are minding your own business as breaking news hits the TV. "A Massive Solar Flare has occurred knocking out..." and then the TV shuts off. But then you start to realize its not just the TV it's everything. Nothing in your house works, so you go outside for answers. In the streets your greeted by hundred maybe even thousands of citizens who are wondering exactly what you are "What the fuck just happened??!?!" But no one seems to know the answer. As a person who's experienced a blackout before you head to the store to stock up on supplies, yeah- you and about a million other people. Greeted with massive lines and enraged people you realize your chances of getting everything you need are extremely low. From the back of the store someone shouts. And than another, and than another. And before you can even realize it you're in the middle of a riot and wherever you turn there's widespread panic. You make your way out of the store only to realize that this might be the end. You didn't see it coming this way, but hey that's Murphy's law for ya. You decide in this chaos your best bet is to head home and wait for some kind of information from the Government. But how will you get such information? How will the government get such information? Surely the President is sitting in his dark oval office asking his team the very same question "What do we do?".

It's this type of scenario that disgusts and enrages me. Please excuse my arbitrary self-proclaimed reporting skills, if what I write bothers you- feel free to leave. Very few people are even prepared for fucking tomorrow. The world has a "We'll take it as it comes" view nowadays. Good Luck with that. Whilst you are in panic, I'll be living it up with my extensive disaster kit complete with a seemingly endless supply of water, playing with my iPhone, and figuring out what going on for myself. 'Cause that's what kind of person Disaster Girl is, I am determined to be a survivor.

So what method of transportation will you chose? Probably your car. Sure you'll have gas for a little while, but I bet you didn't know that the pump they use at the stations are run using ELECTRICITY. Wow, whodda thunk it? So while your kicking and screaming at the gas station I'll be peddling by on my Pedicab, complete with two back seats for the fam.

In times of an electricity crisis or zombie apocalypse, you are going to want a form of transportation that is small (cars will likely be abandoned on the street, making them inaccessible to larger vehicles), can be maneuvered easily, and of course is self powered. If you're just one person, I still recommend this- you may want to help someone along the way. Even if you don't consider helping someone else out, you'll still need the back for all your supplies.

Happy Surviving :)

P.F.S. The Govermment will come around eventually, although by the time help does come it will probably make the Katrina response time look good.

xoxo disaster girl

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