February 3, 2012

Origins of Conspiracy - The Annunaki

In the past couple of weeks with my conspiracy research, my daily glances at the weird news of the world, and the books I have been reading heavily weighing on my mind- I’ve been asking myself many questions. What if it all could be tied neatly with a bow? What if there was a theory that existed that was, in its entirety, the mother of every major conspiracy theory out there? What if all the conspiracies of the world rooted back to one distinct event? Is that even possible? It really is a fascinating thought, that any conspiracy- no matter how obscure or largely random it may be could possibly be traced back to a much more finite conspiracy.

First let’s start by figuring out the general categories that all conspiracies seem to fall under:
1. World Domination – New World Order
2. Aliens / Rouge ‘Alien’ Planets / ‘All Knowing Beings’
3. Theology / Philosophy / Metaphysics / Origins-Prophecies of Humanity
4. Fragile Earth / Fragile Space / Fragile Universe
5. Parallel Universes / Paranormal Activity
6. Technology / Weaponry / Fringe Science / Geo-Engineering

Didn’t think it would only be six did you? The fact is that almost all conspiracies can be grouped to a larger, more general area of conspiracy. Here are a few examples for each category:

1. 9-11 / One World Currency / New World Order / Illuminati / The One Percent / Global Economy Collapses / False Flags
2. UFO’s / Strange Events / Sky-Earth-Space Anomalies / Nibiru / NEO’s / Crop Circles / Ancient References
3. Bible Mistranslations / Language / Vatican Illuminati / Prophets / Anti-Christ / Levitation / Alchemy / Energy
4. Doomsdays / 2012 Maya Apocalypse / Center of the Universe / Asteroid Impact / Climate Change
5. Hauntings / Alternate Realities / The Bermuda Triangle / Magic / Superior Brain Functions
6. Tech Origins / Secret Tech / Weather Control / Anti-Gravity Propulsion / Earthquake Machines / Particle Accelerators

Could those six really be combined to just one? … Maybe.

Meet the Annunaki, They may have had a much larger influence in our being than you’d like to admit.

"DON'T WATCH THIS FILM" - Annunaki Illuminati Documentary

Could it really be that simple? Could everything we know, everything we question, everything we do not understand- just be the human flaw of constantly over-analyzing things... are we just ignoring the big picture? Preoccupying ourselves with all the mind numbing details..?

To Be Continued..
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