January 26, 2012

UPDATED 2012 - The Year the World heard Strange Noises

"Dread is the first and strongest of the...kinds of fear. It is that tension, that waiting that comes when you know there is something to fear but you have not yet identified what it is. The fear that comes when you first realize that your spouse should have been home hours ago; when you hear a strange sound in the baby's bedroom; when you realize that a window you are sure you closed is now open, the curtains billowing, and you're alone in the house.”
-Orson Scott Card

The strange noises that are being heard all over the world are oddly reminiscent of the Tom Cruise War of the Worlds remake. Actually, they almost seem the same- with very little variation (I’m ignoring the ones that seem obviously fake- I.E. the one with the windows noises, the one with the laughing- etc) to be honest.

Here's a clip from War of the Worlds..

And this is one of the more popular noise videos..

And another video...

And another...

I'm just gonna keep going..

&& there's a ton more.. with new videos being added each day.

Here's two new ones..

The good people at ATS have a lot of experience in hoaxes and methods of debunking them, and average people can also chime in theories that seem pertinent [Here is the full link to the ATS Strange Noises Thread], and the strange noises thread has been one of the more discussed topics this week. User explanations of the sounds have included but are not limited to: complete Hoax, Cloverfield 2 marketing campaign, Ionosphere noises(wait.. what?), noises from the Sun, power line noise, snowplows, computer game audio, the Earths core shutting down, NASA fear-mongering, H.A.A.R.P. experiments, and oh yea, how could I forget- the Annunaki.

Personally, mind you I am not an 'expert' debunk-er, I think that
1. Hoaxes/Natural noises - Far too many videos to really concretely prove
2. Marketing - Yea... Sure, in tiny towns in the middle of nowhere. If they did this it would be localized to the biggest market, in bigger towns, where they could scare large amounts of people at once.
3. Ionosphere/Sun/Venus Noises - Isn't it one of the fundamentals of space that No one can hear you Scream?
4. Fear-mongering- The Illuminati / Annunaki are still on my to do list
5. Experiments - Possible, but still unlikely as H.A.A.R.P. has been active for some time now and these noises are becoming a 2011-2012 active event.
6. The Earth's Core - Very, very, interesting theory, impossible to really prove.

The Strange Noises of 2012 is the new Mass Animal Die offs of 2011.

Is it just me or does it look like the Strange Noises Map is just a Mass Animal Death Map.. spreading?

Some of the strange 'facts' surrounding these events include a Mayor complaining about late night phone calls from citizens concerned about the noise, an 'Expert Scientist' that says shit like "It may be" and "It's probably..", a plethora of removed/disabled videos concerning these noises. Like in so many instances, it seems like someone is hiding something.. but the bigger question is- Who?

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this whole noise phenomena is Steven Hawking's War of the Worlds, after all Hawking has openly said that we will one day see the things in his remake- and now.. We are beginning to hear them.

"May the forces of Evil become confused on the way to your house."
-George Carlin

disaster girl

Links for the Curious
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