November 23, 2012

30 Days or Less to Live - Forced to Evolve

Hypothetically speaking-
If these were your last 30 days on Earth,
What would you do?
How would you spend them?
Would you make up for your past mistakes?
 Or would you live without a conscious of what tomorrow holds?

The calendar is coming to an end, and the real countdown now begins. The Maya were an incredibly intelligent group of people with knowledge that far exceeded their time period, let alone what we now deem as 'genius'. While I don't necessarily believe that the Mayan calendar ending on December 21st 2012 means humanity will end per se, I  completely disregard new reports about a older calender being found with 'conflicting' information.

Riddle me this, say there was a devastating magnitude 10.2 earthquake somewhere in the world tomorrow- would you wholeheartedly take the first news article you find and print it in history books? Or would you wait until all the details emerge, until all the facts have solidified and print the last found report? The simple fact that anthropologists are actually coming out of the woodwork to 'disprove' what was already largely viewed as a myth is quite strange and troubling at the same time. How convenient for a calender to surface months before to 'calm' the small percentage of people who are 'fearful'. Do you see how silly this is? Debunking the already debunked, why bother? I'd rather maintain my good standing as a 'respectable' scientist. 

Enough with the nonsense, because I could sit here all day going on and on about this but in the end it does not matter. What matters is the 'What ifs', and how you decide to handle them. Will you ignore, as RapNews so eloquently put it, "The self-imposed deadline for correcting our way of life"? How will you use the 'warnings', if you choose to acknowledge them at all?

The biggest question I find myself asking is how you can even ignore such a 'statement', as so many are at this very moment in time. When someone threatens your life, do you not acknowledge the threat? When someone gives you a grave warning, does it not sit at the back of your mind bugging you?

If the world does really end in 30 days we will be comparable to that of an ant hill, largely unaware of the giant wave of uncertainty coming for us just beyond the hill we preoccupy ourselves with daily. We would be gone, and the universe would not even let out a sigh. 

The Mayans didn't really believe the world would end in 2012, but that doesn't mean we're out of the woods either. They believe that their Gods created four worlds, of which the first three were failures. The last world, our world, was successful- but it is also 'doomed' because everything with a deadline has to end. December 2012, our cut off date, is upon us my friends.  The 5th world is coming, but the question still remains- what does that say for the fate of the fourth?

So I ask you, ironically hours after a holiday that you are supposed to take a moment out and be thankful for what you have, will take these days and make the most of them? Will you evolve to survive? Will you enter the fifth world without any regrets, leaving the past in the past- or will you cling to a dying world, ultimately sealing your fate?

xoxo disaster girl

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