August 24, 2012

"Hello Boys, I'm baaaaack!"

Alas, we meet again.
It's been a while, hasn't it?
Over the last couple of weeks I've been busy hauling my tush across the Eastern Seaboard, from Bergen County New Jersey to the shark attack capital of Florida. Moving a thousand miles away isn't as easy as I thought it would be, but the rewards are by far reaching my expectations. I am now stationed a block from the ocean and luckily, I am just in time for Isaac.
I've missed you all so much, most of all I've missed the users who worked with me daily at my Above Top Secret forum during the 2012 Zombie Anotcalypse. Sorry guys, but the hunt had to be abandoned- I can assure you however that it has not been forgotten. Now that I live in the heart of the people-eaters, I am in more of a position to report instead of speculate.
Tomorrow morning I will be resuming hurricane monitoring beginning with the threat in the South East, Tropical Storm Isaac. Isaac is forcasted to become a hurricane by the time it rolls by Florida, so hopefully I'll get a show.
While The Disaster Caster has returned, I am on a bit of a Hiatus. I am currently working tirelessly to add new features to the site including.. DUN DUN DUN... videos! Yes, you heard (or perhaps read) me correctly- I am taking a stab at failing miserably in front of a camera.
While these changes are happening the site will still be at full access to you all and with 50+ articles and an amazing 'Resources' section you should be fully entertained. My hope is to first add video reports/coverage of hurricanes, and later segments on other material (don't want to spoil the surprise.. or perhaps prolong my suffering).
This is kind of a big deal for me, because I'm more of a writer than I am a video personality so hopefully I don't suck at it. My ideas and vision for the videos will hopefully pan out as planned and I hope that everyone enjoys the work and research I put into them.
I will still be updating on tropical storms and hurricanes that are a threat to US land. If I find time to write and post more articles I will certainly do so, but as of now I am trying to school myself in video editing, etc. Honestly, it'll probably seem like I never even left ;)
Stay Tuned for Tomorrows Update on Tropical Storm Isaac!
xoxo disaster girl 

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