July 6, 2012

The 'Zombie' Trend - The Growing List of Causes and Theories

As the 'zombie' trend continues, the desire to have an answer for why this is all happening becomes much more necessary than when the list of events was only a couple incidents long. With the list of actual biting related attacks being close to a hundred, and the list of strange events quickly catching up- it is only human to want an answer to it all. After all, that's one of the fundamentals of human behavior- searching for an answer to the unknown.

Throughout the time that I have been writing about and covering these events I have been the host of an open discussion on the AboveTopSecret forums. There we have researched, talked, covered and theorized as to what the logical and probable causes may be. In over 35 pages of discussion we have tried tirelessly to figure out it all out- that discussion can be viewed by clicking here: Compiled List of People-Eating-People Events, you can read the discussions without joining- but if you would like to comment you will have to sign up.

Below is a list of theories and causes that have been cited in these events.

  1. Human Rabies / Mutated / Airborne Rabies - This theory stipulates that these 'attackers' all had a form of rabies, whether it be animal bite related rabies, a mutated version of animal rabies, or an airborne form of rabies. This theory also argues that both animal behavior as well as human behavior should be monitored, and is supported by the fact that animal attacks have been on the rise, these attacks not limited to dogs only, but rats, dolphins, sharks, skunks, monkey's, cats, etc. It is also supported by the fact that in 95% of the states that have  had human biting attacks there has either been a found case of rabies or warnings had been issued. by local officials. The behavior of animals and humans infected with rabies also fit the  exhibited symptoms of the attackers. Mutating rabies is also tied to warmer weather. [Resource 1 , Resource 2 , Resource 3 , Resource 4 , Resource 5]
  2. Synthia Bacterium - In this theory, the Synthia engineered life that was put into the Gulf of Mexico following the BP oil disaster is the cause. Theoretically making it's way through the ecosystem by being recycled into rain water and deposited on land- it infect a humans body. No known signs or symptoms as this is new engineered life created in a laboratory. Supporting it is the fact that the parasite the lab used as a shell for Synthia is a human sexually transmitted disease that is extremely hard to cure with antibiotics. This parasite also has the capability to 'inject' itself into another cell in an effort to hide itself from immune responses. No known effects on the environment, animal life and human life are known to date. [Resource 1Resource 2Resource 3Resource 4 , Resource 5]
  3. Combo 'Zombie' Virus / Bacteria - This theory involves several viruses, bacterias, and parasites- engineered into one virus to get the symptoms of many all rolled into one. The main components being rabies and flu and adding other viruses to get other 'desired' effects. This theory is only backed by the fact that scientific research could create such a thing, and that it probably already exists in labs. Such viruses have already been addressed as not of being plausible but relatively easy to engineer in a lab in several big media sources including NatGeo. The question of this is not "If" but in actuality "When". [ Resource 1Resource 2Resource 3Resource 4 , Resource 5]
  4. Drug Induced Psychosis - This theory stipulates many things. First it says that these events may be the cause of 'bath salts' or 'synthetic drugs' alone. It also states that the drugs themselves many be tainted or have something in it they 'shouldn't'. This theory is incredibly hard to prove as most of these drugs do not show up on drugs tests, and the 'product' would likely have been 'used' before the event occurred. Many cases also show no concrete evidence of drug use. [Resource 1Resource 2Resource 3Resource 4 , Resource 5]
  5. Human Evolution/Devolution / 'Changes' In Human Behavior / Non-Earth Environmental Factors - This heading is more of a result of many theorized causes. The causes are: Unknown Effects of Galactic Cloud on Humans, Solar Flare Effects on Humans, as well as changes in humans evolutionary consciousness, whether the effect be a negative or a positive. This theory as well is very hard to prove concretely as all of these things are not commonly researched- although some examples can be found for some. It is also impossible to tell that if we are evolving, what exactly we are evolving into, which is the biggest thing in making this theory work.  [Resource 1Resource 2Resource 3Resource 4 , Resource 5]
  6. Biblical Prophecies / 2012 Prophecies - This says that these events 'support' the idea that the world is 'coming to an end'. It also states that these events fall in line with biblical prophecies. Highly speculative, and completely unable to support with any tangible evidence. A vast majority of the 'support' ranges from things that are often left completely to interpretation.  I usually steer clear of biblical stuff, but I will provide resource anyway. [Resource 1Resource 2Resource 3Resource 4 , Resource 5]
  7. Excess of Media Coverage - This theory states that these events are not special at all. That the Miami incident proved to media that the fans 'love this stuff' and 'want to hear about it' which has caused a plethora of reports to come out. It also stipulates that these events happening at this frequency may also be in the realm of normality. As well as stipulating that cannibalism and cannibalistic attacks are fairly common and a large part of human history., It also blames the media for the knowledge of such events, with so many forms now readily available every bit of news that can get out will. I am currently working on biting/eating statistics and will update this when my research is completed. [Resource 1Resource 2 , Resource 3]
  8. Toxoplasmosis Gondii - This theory is of a little known fact about humans as a species. There is a species of parasitic protozoa that lives in about half of the humans here on Earth. In the brains of animals it attaches itself to a rodent and controls its actions and allows the rodent to be eaten easily so that it can reach it's intended destination of a cat. Theories have cited that if it affects rodents this way there is a possibility of it effecting humans that way whether by evolving or mutating in order to effect a different host. The fact that it already lives in so many human brains alludes to the grave possibility of mutation and any effects the parasite already has as it has been linked to schizophrenia. [Resource 1Resource 2Resource 3Resource 4, Resource 5]
  9. Mad-Cow Disease Variant / Prion - This postulates that mad cow disease has changed in someway that allows it to better infect humans or that another prion disease is the cause. As mad-cow disease does affect the brain it is in the realm of possible, though far off from being entirely provable. Mad cow disease is already the blame of one variant, Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease which accounts for several symptoms that are present in these cases including: Changes in Walking, Confusion, Dementia, Hallucinations, Nervous Jumpy Feelings, Changes in Personality, Aggressive Behavior, Dangerous Behaviors. [Resource 1Resource 2Resource 3Resource 4 , Resource 5]
  10. 'Zombie' Gun - This theory is based on the relatively new news that has come out of Russia. Russian President Putin had apparently requested that scientists work on a 'zombie gun' for him. While this many seems like a unworthy cause or theory, it shows that science is working on ways to build such devices and usually for Defense contractors working for Governments. It also shows that creating "zombies" is not on a No list for Governments. Aren't all countries competing against each other in areas like these? [Resource 1Resource 2 , Resource 3]
  11. American Trypanosomiasis or Chagas Disease - This theory stems from the new research and media prominence of Chagas Disease - often billed as "The New AIDS". Chagas Disease, also known as American Tryanosomiasis already effects millions of people worldwide. It has also been linked to the African Nodding Disease which show many of the symptoms associated with the events including but probably not limited to: "zombie-like" movements, inability to form cohesive thoughts, inability to care for oneself, bouts of anger and attack. In Africa, nodding disease mostly affects children. [Resource 1Resource 2Resource 3Resource 4 , Resource 5]
  12. CDC Leak / Lab Leak This theory states that the newly media introduced coverage of CDC building problems may be the cause. Over the last couple of month a couple of CDC facilities had problems with their ventilation systems, and these problems are now being looked at by Congress. It also states leaks in other facilities, such as the medical equipment that was thrown out and then stolen as supporting evidence in a growing scandal that these facilities do not take proper care of things and often make what could be considered horrible mistakes. [Resource 1Resource 2Resource 3Resource 4 , Resource 5]
  13. Other Less Notable Theories - Morgellons Disease, Seoul Virus, Borna Virus, Kuru Disease. 

One of the first questions to cross my mind while contemplating writing this article was whether or not a hundred or so events warrants a list of causes yet. After all, the Government doesn't seem concerned and most of society has gone on with little regard for the eye catching headlines. Are there more arguments that require the primal urge to bite? Or are there more fights because of a gnawing urge to bite? Which came first, the urge to bite or the fight?

In the end I decided that biting is not as common as these events are, especially in some of the circumstances that have presented themselves. While the bite may be a defense mechanism, the simple act of biting something is largely food related nowadays- as we have moved far past our cannibalistic ancestry. I also think that defensive biting is more medium scaled and singular than these events- as a good amount either took multiple bites, chewed, spit out chunks, etc. Behavior like this shows me that something is wrong,  and at this rate it only reaffirms that thought.

The only real hope I have is that this trend diminishes, and gets lost in history. That twenty years from now, you won't read about this in a book and people will shake their heads in disbelief if you mention it. After all, people don't want a zombie apocalypse- they're more determined to kill a 'zombie'- which is all the more disconcerting. In a country with over 313 million people and at least 235,000,000 guns owned by civilians any real threat that scares the greater populace with bring a lot of Punisher's to the street. The real threat in all of this is the public's reaction to this and not the events themselves, a panicked mind makes mistakes. Whether that mistake is somehow becoming a victim to the trend, or making oneself a vigilante to fight off the trend- in the end it makes no difference.

Ironically enough you have no 'real' reason to fear, as the CDC Zombie Preparedness website states, they're got you covered: "If zombies did start roaming the streets, CDC would conduct an investigation much like any other disease outbreak. CDC would provide technical assistance to cities, states, or international partners dealing with a zombie infestation. This assistance might include consultation, lab testing and analysis, patient management and care, tracking of contacts, and infection control (including isolation and quarantine). It’s likely that an investigation of this scenario would seek to accomplish several goals: determine the cause of the illness, the source of the infection/virus/toxin, learn how it is transmitted and how readily it is spread, how to break the cycle of transmission and thus prevent further cases, and how patients can best be treated. Not only would scientists be working to identify the cause and cure of the zombie outbreak, but CDC and other federal agencies would send medical teams and first responders to help those in affected areas." - CDC

So if something was to materialize from all of this make sure you have an
emergency kit, stay indoors and let the professionals handle it and
don't be a 'hero' because you will be a villain in someone elses opinion.


  1. 30 something pages is alot to read through, so Im just gonna come right out and ask, has anyone else you have been communicating with noticed a possible correlation between these attacks and the animal die offs/mystery rashes? I keep finding where ever there is an attack, if you dig deep enough you find both...

    1. Yes, it had been mentioned in the thread, but I also noticed that it seems like more of a middle ground between the strange sounds and the mass animal die offs.

      The google map for the mass die offs is flawed because it is incomplete and doesn't widen the field of search (I feel it should also include mass beaching etc.) I also feel this falls in line with the synthia theory. Synthia would both effect humans and animals, and from what it does it would explain why animals are leaving the water. (unexplained dolphin beachings)

      Mass Animal Deaths Google Map

      Strange Sounds Google Map

      What I do notice in all three is that most of the events seem to be on the East Coast of the US and in the UK/Ireland region.

      The similarity has been noted but where that will lead from is still up in the air.

  2. I agree with you about the animal die off map, if i knew how to make one i would because i have found at least double that number of events (i also believed the mass beachings should taken into account) the one thing i did not factor in was those noises, thankyou that will give me more to look into, and if i find anything i will let you know.

    1. If you find anything out let me know!

      Also, here is a how-to guide on making a google map, it's quite simple. It's easier if you have a Google + account, that way only you can edit it. I find that maps that are open to the public are more prone to errors.


  3. Hey its me again
    Not that it seems to matter much anymore as it looks like the events have stopped but I believe the whole thing (the attacks, the animal die offs, the rashes, the bizarre noises and the lights in the sky) were caused by an increase of positively charged ions in the area creating a corona ion effect and thus drastically increasing the areas electromagnetic field. This would cause fish to die by reducing the level of oxygen in the water and birds to fall out of the sky, dolphins etc would beach themselves because the emf would disorient them, makin them THINK they're going left when in actuality they're going right. High levels of emf also cause a burning red rash, and with people who has a history of mental disorders can cause increased aggression and psychotic episodes. As for the lights and sounds, one only needs to look at a thunder storm to see the effects of highly charged ions.

    Now, this is all just theoretical, i live in Australia and the only way to prove any of this would be to have access to emf and ion level readings before during and after an event, but its at least a working theory, perhaps a few of the people on your other site may be able to look into it