December 1, 2013

2013 - The Year Without a 'Cane

Le Sigh, Hurricane Season is Over 
The Last Four Atlantic Hurricane Seasons

Well that was a bit of a disappointment to say the least. The Atlantic 2013 hurricane season began this year with its first storm Tropical Storm Andrea a mere five days after its start. What was forecasted to be a busy season in the TSR review (Tropical Storm Risk Review) was actually well below average but the Atlantic basin was not alone. Even the last below average season the Atlantic saw in 2009 had a whole lot more action than the 2013 season did - 2009 Summary.

This season produced barely a hurricane, with only two forming that either didn't hit US land (Hurricane Ingrid - Mexico), or barely sustained hurricane status for long (Hurricanes Ingrid & Humberto). The tropical storm total rang low this year as well with a total of 13 tropical storms compared to last years 20 tropical storms and 10 hurricanes. Below is a closer look at the ACE data, or the Accumulated Cyclone Energy which uses wind measurements to both measure a storm and an entire season.

2013 World Hurricane Season At A Glance
Atlantic Hurricane Season - ACE - Below Normal - 28% of Average
Pacific Hurricane Season -  MEAN ACE - Below Normal - EST 77% of Average
Global Hurricane Season - ACE - 74% of Average

With no El Nino surface temperatures it has been difficult for forecasters and meteorologists to pin down exactly why this season has slowed down. This years slump also has meteorologists questioning whether or not climate change matters should be factored in at all, with many adding that this level of inactivity has never been seen with ocean conditions as they were this year. In June of 2014 we will usher in the next hurricane season, I have my fingers crossed that it's not as unremarkable as this season was & hope that I can bring the Video/Live Coverage back with some cool stuff.

Until Next Year!

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