September 28, 2013

Where's the Gold? - Federal Reserve Refuses German Gold Audit

Federal Reserve Refuses Gold Audit
Tells Germany to Come Back in 2020

This news comes 8 months after Germany announced that it was going to relocate 674 tons of gold held at both the New York Federal Reserve Bank and the Banque de France in Paris. Apparently Germany asked to see its gold and the Federal Reserve said no, citing:  'No Room For Visitors'. Germany wasn't giving up though, so they sent staff to visit the reserves, but the Federal Reserve would only let them see 5-6 gold bars- and nothing else. Germany wasn't having that though so they sent another team in. On the third attempt the Federal Reserve permitted Germany to see only 1 of the 9 rooms that held their gold, they were also not allowed to enter the room or touch the gold. And then the Federal Reserve REALLY told Germany to come back in 2020.

Yes people, this is real- and it looks like those conspiracy theories about the  New York Federal Reserve and Fort Knox hold more water now than they did before. They very well may not have much gold in either facility, or the gold that is there very well may be fake

I honestly just don't even know what to make of this. If there's no gold in the Federal Reserve and all US currency is just a Federal Reserve Note, than isn't the dollar worthless? [See previous article from 2011: "The US Dollar’s Not Worth The Paper It’s Printed on." -Gerald Celente]

We may never know if gold actually is in the Federal Reserve either, as it has only been audited 'once' in its almost a hundred year history. As for Fort Knox, the last time it was officially audited was in 1953- an audit that contained no outside experts and only tested five percent of the bars housed there. There is voiced speculation from several US politicians as well, with many stating over the last couple of years that there may be little to no gold in either locations, demanding a public audit and testing of any gold found. The Federal Reserve has continued to refuse allowing such measures.

In closing, there are a few things that you should note. If there's no gold, there's no value to money. If there's no value to money, paychecks have no meaning and 9-5er's are fruitless. It would mean the entire collapse of the financial systems of the world and it would quite frankly be a fitting disaster scenario needed to end the Information Age Facade. Ignorance will not be bliss.

When money fails, humanity returns to bartering.
Keep Your Supplies Up!

xoxo disaster girl

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  1. Federal Reserve Bank of NY managed by "The Pilgrims Society" which "seizes" and "absorbs" wealth.

    1. Aha, Thank you! I will definitely dig into that deeper.