September 9, 2013

Florida is Running out of Sand, Donations Welcome


Okay, please excuse the humorous nature of this post as this is a serious issue and all, but come on.. this is hilarious. Florida is running out of sand, because of well- hurricanes, tides and rising sea levels, too many docks, and too many damned tourists taking bottles of sand home with them.  Apparently this has been going on for quite a long time (I always thought Florida seemed to be getting smaller on maps), as we've been outsourcing sand from inland instead. (Or is that in-sourcing? God, I'm confused. [Side note: this is probably why Florida has so many sinkholes.])

The news comes now, only because the Army Corps of Engineers has apparently sucked all the sand out of inland Florida:
""We're running out of sand off-shore, we've pretty much vacuumed everything up," Stephen Leatherman of Florida International University told NBC." -Via Huffington Post
So Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties need your help. Florida will just get smaller and smaller with all the storms and eventually you may have to vacation and retire elsewhere. Nobody wants that, so please send us some sand. Any kind will do, apparently even crushed up recycled glass is fine (Remember to bring shoes next time your at Miami Beach).


All jokes aside, if this new recycled glass-sand is soft, it is an incredibly genius idea.
And as Eric Meyers perfectly stated it's "Recycling in its purest".

xoxo disaster girl

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