May 1, 2013

Disaster Kit Recommendations - Solar Power

Disaster Girl's Survival Kit Recommendations
Bonus items you should add on top of items listed in  previous survival kit article.

Adding Solar Power to your Stash:

Anything solar powered added to a survival kit is a great way to preserve some modern day functions in a world without electricity. It also gives you more ways to access survival information, whether it be hazard mapping or edible plants, it will all help you survive for longer.

Now while making your whole roof solar powered is a great idea in theory it will also make it impossible to be 'incognito' in an emergency. You might as well put a neon sign up saying 'We Have Power! Come On Over!". You are much better off with a smaller unit that is more portable, as you eventually may need to take it with you somewhere.

Below I've listed two of the top models that I suggest:

The Smart Choice

XTG Technology's Solar Powered Backup Battery and Charger for Portable Devices
Retail Price: Between $28-$60 USD
Lowest Price: $27.99 on

The Best Choice
Hammaucher Schlemmer's Solar Power Generator
Retail Price: $2,000.00 + S&H

Whether you choose just one or decide to get both is your choice but make sure you have something solar powered to back you up in an emergency. Personally I have two of the portable solar chargers already and am looking into getting a generator in the future!

Happy Surviving!
xoxo disaster girl


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