May 22, 2013

Are We Aliens? - Advances in BioSeTI & What You Need to Know


"So far our knowledge of the solar system suggests that life is unique to Earth, but, as science and technology advance, we will have to modify ideas that we currently regard as facts. It remains to be seen if the questions regarding the origin of life on Earth and the origin of life in the universe have the same answer." -Sonali S. Joshi

 A Few Basic Facts About The Biological Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence Program (BioSeTI)
  1. What the project is trying to accomplish: "Find answers to questions and examine alternate models that appear to fit better than currently accepted models of life and the universe."
  2. What successes they expect: "We've already been successful by identifying a mathematical progression in the genetic code.  The genetic code has been around for more than three decades, so why hasn't someone seen this progression before?  That aside, success should not be measured in it's contribution to technology or practical problem solving. "
  3. What feelings they have about ties to Intelligent Design: "Our position is that the BioSeTI project is not well served by associating itself with either side of a debate about ID.  With that said, BioSeTI also does not take a stand against proposals of ID scientists without first hearing what proposal is being considered, nor does it have a goal of refuting Darwinism."
  4. How about Darwin?: "BioSeTI does not disagree with Darwin.  However, what arises out of NeoDarwinism as it is currently constituted might be something that needs refining so that it isn't so closely wed to the proposition that the universe is preexistent to consciousness rather than concurrent with it or that concurrence is a non-existent phenomenon."
  5. BioSeTI is a search for evidence that can also closely support the Panspermia theory,  a theory that hypothesizes that life on Earth originated from elsewhere in the universe. For more on the Panspermia theory see links below.
  6. For more information on the SETI program, please click here.

Two scientists recently stated in a study that they believe portions of our DNA, specifically pointing to obvious mathematical or ideographical patterns of language found in DNA, are actually intelligent signals embedded inside our genetic coding from elsewhere in the universe.

Alien messages inside all of our carbon based cells. The very element that we know only comes from a dying star, and our star hasn't died. So if there is a message in our DNA, and we can only be made with elements found outside of this galaxy, did we originate from this galaxy? Certainly not.

This information if proven to be true would also raise a lot of questions, perhaps questions far beyond our capability of answering like; if someone wrote our DNA sequence, what made the author of it? And if our foundation  of life is of extra-terrestrial origin, does that mean we are aliens? and Could our fascination with  ET's just be a subconscious push to figure out ourselves and our own origins?

The possibilities are endless.

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