June 29, 2012

The 2012 'Zombie' Trend & The Strange Events Occurring Worldwide 7/6 Update

The 2012 'Zombie' Trend
& The Strange Events Occurring Worldwide

Well it's been a month since the gruesome attack in Miami that left a homeless man without a face, an incident that opened the eyes of the world as the strange attacks kept up and a startling trend emerged. Over the last month "Zombie" & "Cannibal" were the most used terms in social media, and with Professional entities also succumbing to the trend in the forms of college classes and mass "social experiments & games"- virtually every outlet that could use the terms has abused it  as well. Blurred amongst the thousands of repetitive articles are daily examples of the strange trend continuing at a relatively consistent pace.

Twenty twelve is apparently the year where people really ate each other up, as if the rest of what is going on in the world today isn't enough to scare the living crap out of you. So far what this year has amounted to has been nothing short of crazy. Nonexistent winter? Check. April fireballs? Check.  A bunch of rare astronomy events? Check. Horrific tornado outbreaks and strange weather? Double Check. Unexplained animal deaths? Check. Asteroids coming way too close for comfort? Check. Financial woes? Check. Solar flares? Check. Flesh-Eating Viruses, Superbugs & Plagues? Check. Early hurricane season? Check. "Zombie-like" & Cannibal attacks? Check. Leprechauns attacks? Check. Volcano eruptions and strong earthquakes? Check. 2012 is a jammed packed shitshow and  folks, we're far from done with it.

The zombie trend is one of the most alarming because we are far from primitive when it comes to our social interactions and expectations, the one area of our current world that has gone well beyond the realm of imagination. We can ignore a couple extra bad storms, use a little more hand sanitizer, and overlook the not easily understood- but people can't ignore people eating each other. We can handle the occasional horrifying news event, but when an event becomes a trend and a trend becomes a gruesome reality society just sits and stares at the wreck. Unable to process, eyes glued and not moving a bit.  It just continues, and the majority sits in a horrified awe.

Don't get me wrong, there are 7,000,000,000,000+ humans on Earth. 100+ events in a couple of months is really nothing to worry over when you do the math. Nothing to get too 'excited' about if you ask me. Regardless of the theorized causes (and boy the list really does go on) people are certainly biting each other a lot more, so I'd say now is a good time to remove 'bite me' from your vernacular. When I first started covering these events I honestly didn't think it would go on this long,  and am surprised I am still getting new events in everyday. I have decide that I will continue to post on these events until they stop happening for at least two weeks. Below are more events which are continued from the first list in the original post which can be found here: Is the Zombie Apocalypse Nigh? - June 24th UPDATE

  1. 6-17-2012 -  Woman smoking bath salts in Maternity Ward bites cops
  2. 6-24-2012 -  Bath Salts Behind 20-Year-Old Attacking Elderly Woman Near Los Angeles
  3. 6-25-2012 -  Bath Salts User Tries to Bite Police Officer’s Face in New York
  4. 6-25-2012 -  Police say drunk Boise man tried to attack, bite officers
  5. 6-25-2012 -  Waco Man Kills Family Dog in 'Zombie-Style Attack'
  6. 6-26-2012 -  Arrest made after pregnant woman is beaten/bitten
  7. 6-26-2012 -  Police: Woman bites, runs over, beats man  
  8. 6-27-2012 -  Male Reportedly Robbed and Bitten in North Reading
  9. 6-27-2012 -  Man arrested at Arroyo Grande cemetery tried to bite officers, police say
  10. 6-27-2012 -  Shooting/Biting victim: 'I thought I was dead'
  11. 6-27-2012 -  Woman has part of nose bitten off in horror attack
  12. 6-27-2012 -  Armed police surround naked Chinese woman after she strips off and lies in front of ambulance
  13. 6-28-2012 -  Two pronounced dead in Hesperia aqueduct later deemed alive
  14. 6-28-2012 -  Face-Eater Attack in China  
  15. 6-28-2012 -  Woman beat sister with pot during argument over cookies 
  16. 6-28-2012-  Cop is injured while arresting Jersey City man acting erratically, police say
  17. 6-28-2012 -  CDC bioterror lab doors repeatedly left unlocked
  18. 6-28-2012 -  Mother, Son Allegedly Went on Crime/Biting Spree 
  19. 6-28-2012 -  Armed Robbery/Biting Incident in Naamans Apartments 
  20. 6-29-2012 -  Dog quarantined after man found dead in Nev. home 
  21. 6-29-2012 -  Man bit gardai as mob surrounded officers with dog 
  22. 6-29-2012 -  14-year-old Phoenix boy admits to killing/biting young child 
  23. 6-29-2012 -  Prisoner attacks guard, psychiatrist 
  24. 6-29-2012 -  Weehawken police issue arrest warrant for North Bergen man involved in Thursday aggravated assault/biting incident
  25. 6-30-2012 -  Mystery over Ashburton pig deaths
  26. 6-30-2012 - Burglary suspects adds to his woes by biting cops  
  27. 6-30-2012 -  Updated: Officers arrested after migrant who bit him dies in Detention Service van
  28. 7-01-2012 -  Sword, Sandwich Used in Attack on Women, Deputies Say - Suspect bit police car
  29. 7-01-2012 -  Norcross Man Bitten in Party Brawl  
  30. 7-02-2012 -  Security guard shot in the face with a FLARE GUN in bizarre attack
  31. 7-02-2012 -  Naked carjacker has ties to recent cannibal scares 
  32. 7-03-2012 -  'I'm a eat you': Crazed naked man high on bath salts threatens to eat police officers as they try to arrest him  
  33. 7-03-2012 -  Woman bites Marysville police officer; Plea deal possible
  34. 7-03-2012 -  Grandmother Margaret Horton, 75, attacked by five dogs in Ball Green
  35. 7-03-2012 -  'Zombie Attack' In Indianapolis? Man Uses 'Ninja' Moves To Fight Off Authorities
  36. 7-04-2012 -  Bicyclist accused of threatening motorist arrested by Mesa police after trying to bite them 
  37. 7-04-2012 -  Chef 'bit' officer's leg at Somme march 
  38. 7-04-2012 -  Perth man Bryan Armstrong's ear ripped in Spanish street celebrations
  39. 7-04-2012 -  M'duke man charged with assaulting city employee 
  40. 7-04-2012 -  Couple dispute leads to bites, bumps and bruises
  41. 7-04-2012 - Naked man in Finland stand in front of bus, later bites officer (Needs Google Translate)
  42. 7-05-2012 -  C.C. Police Search For Man Who Bit 16 Year Old In The Neck 
  43. 7-05-2012 -  Aggressive birds attack Noe Valley residents, Warnings Issued to Public
  44. 7-05-2012 -  Couple dispute leads to biting 
  45. 7-05-2012 -  Woman refuses to press charges against boyfriend who beat/bite her
  46. 7-06-2012 -  Half-naked man allegedly high on drugs crashes truck into sleeping man's house and then flees the scene without his trousers 
  47. 7-06-2012 -  Man allegedly beat woman for hour, bit off her ear  
  48. 7-06-2012 -  DeRuyter woman high on bath salts when she ransacked home, tried to attack deputies  
  49. 7-06-2012 -  Gwinnett man ate feces, fought with cops 
  50. 7-06-2012 -  Cro-Mags Founder Arrested for Stabbing & Biting Band’s Current Member
  51. 7-06-2012 -  Arizona police warn of naked crime wave after FOUR men go on rampage in two weeks 
  52. 7-07-2012 -  Tracy man charged with murder
  53. 7-07-2012 -  Woman bites husbands hand, husband reports pain 
  54. 7-08-2012 -  Mystery rash shuts down Illinois school
  55. 7-09-2012 -  Mystery surrounds the death of 5 people at Montreal Hospital
  56. 7-09-2012 -  Police: Man resisted arrest, assaulted officers and tries to bite them 
  57. 7-09-2012 -  Naked man Jeremiah Haughee arrested after biting man's stomach 
  58. 7-10-2012 -  Man, 23, tries to bite Portland officer, lands in jail 
  59. 7-10-2012 -  Girl, 14, bitten by man as she left train at Aberdare 
  60. 7-10-2012 -  Man bites cop in ER 
  61. 7-10-2012 -  Man with pants down in ER bites cops
  62. 7-10-2012 -  Woman attacks bites boyfriend family removes her from house
  63. 7-10-2012 -  Man attacks and bites business partner
  64. 7-10-2012 -  Suspects charged in murder case also bite victim
  65. 7-11-2012 -  Police: Victim stabbed three times, bit
  66. 7-11-2012 -  Man scratches, bites toddler - charged with felony child abuse 

The only question that I have in my mind is 'When will it end?'. It's an obvious answer to say that the actual causes of these incidences, whether correlated or not, are not the same. No matter how hard someone tries to find one answer for a string of events such as these the work usually proves futile. So whether the causes are- be it bath salts, synthetic marijuana, psychotic breaks in the normal realms of consciousness, a zombie-like virus or bacteria, engineered life inserted into an already over complicated equation, in the end it doesn't matter. What does matter is something I have stressed to  the point of retardation in this website. Preparedness. If you are not prepared for the unexpected, how will you ever be able to handle it? After all, people eating each other was about the last concern on my list of worrisome ponderings, where is it on yours?

xoxo disaster girl

P.F.S. I am currently working on an article that covers all of the possible 'causes' and theories involved in these incidents, it will be available 6/6/2012.


  1. I fear this is just going to get a lot worse. Imagine the belief in UFO's augmented with a zombie theme.. there would be "accidental" shootings. Endless stream of "credible witnesses of zombie activity" and whatnot.

    Right! Dont get mistaken for a zombie! No makeup, no drinking, no flu(suspicious bodily fluids)! Anything else? :P

    1. I agree, but if you really think about it it will be no different than SARS, bird flu, or swine flu. Unless of course we had like, a couple thousand more cases- which is what it would take to really cause a panic, and even than- unless it was happening in your town, to your people- many people would overlook it.

      It's amazing how many people really don't know about even the "famous" cases. I was just speaking with someone the other day and they didn't even know about the Miami incident. I would say the sheep are deep in slumber, at least for a while.

  2. Yes. In my country we had like one or two possible cases of those flus and it all seemed so overblown. Diseases just cant be frightening enough, well unless they are caused by parasites!
    (And SARS sounds like a food product)

    You are not aware until it.. (but bite jokes are inaproppriate in this case).

    I read about these incidents and these strange rashes seemed ominous. It's either something really stupid or a serious health risk. Or both. Is it normal that rashes develop so quickly?

  3. Hey this one's fresh :D