May 15, 2012

Featured Photographer: Jiri Vanek - Ghost Town Series - Post-Apocalyptic World | Fukushima Daichii & Chernobyl

I am an instagramer at heart [@sardonicallyme], it's one of my favorite apps and one of the many things I like to do in my free time. Instagram was just a place for random pictures, and where I posted my countless photos of nature and the sky- they can be viewed and purchased here: It wasn't until I came across Jiri Vanek's instagram that I really felt like the pictures I was seeing needed to be shared. He opened up a world to me that I thought I had already opened myself, catastrophe. My articles may speak to people and they may enlighten people about the world we currently live in, but nothing speaks to people like a visual image. So I now bring you a special feature with a guest artist, the photos I have included below are from his Ghost Town Series. An inside look at modern day post apocalyptic towns and the conditions in which they currently stand. Some of them are from Pryp'yat & Chernobyl, an area devastated by a horrific nuclear accident in 1986.

For those of you who don't know already as the media does tend to black it out of the mainstream news, Fukushima Daichii is our current day Chernobyl on a level most people didn't even think could happen. Areas Japan will eventually become desolate wastelands, and many other things may drastically change because of it. The radiation and nuclear waste that continues, at this very moment as you read this, to leak out is petrifying. The scariest part being that most people simply don't know. They don't know, and it's facts like these that need to be known, need to be addressed. Warlords like Joesph Kony make the news quite frequently nowadays with the help of citizen reporters spreading the news like wildfire- the real shame in this is that things that should, have to, and need to be covered- are not.

So I ask you, with my limited budget and without any high tech equipment to make a fancy movie to prove this to you, to enlighten yourself and spread the word.
Make these photos and the tragedy that is happening in Japan viral.
We cannot afford let it sit.

Larger photos of Jiri Vanek's photography can be viewed by visiting
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