May 19, 2012

Atlantic Hurricane Season Sneaks Up On East Coast - 5/22/12 Final Update

Tropical Depression Alberto

The Atlantic hurricane season started almost three weeks before schedule this year, with the average date of the first storm of the season being around the 8th of June. Alberto also took a much different path then we typically see and originated off the coast of South Carolina rather than off the African Coast as seen more commonly in the Atlantic. The storm also made significant strides today going from a low percentage chance of a storm, to a decently organized tropical storm border lining hurricane strengths and pressures in a few hours.

Interesting Facts About Alberto
  • First tropical storm in the Atlantic in 2012, formed 13 days before season officially started
  • Earliest-forming tropical storm in Atlantic since Ana in 2003
  • First time tropical storms formed in both basins before the official start of the East Pacific and Atlantic hurricane season
  • First named storm usually arrives around the 9th of July  (51 days early)
  • First area of interest usually forms by the 8th of June (20 days early)
  • Originated from an area that is not highly common for forming tropical storms
  • 23rd pre-June named storm, only one (Able, 1951) became a major hurricane

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