December 27, 2011

Hitting Home - I WANT YOU!

The Disaster Caster is currently reaching audiences from ALL over the world, twenty counties and counting! This is so exciting for me because I took a chance on this and starting writing about what I'm passionate about- Survival, Disaster, and Conspiracies. I am more than ecstatic that what I am writing is appreciated by all of you! Like you, I long to know the truth behind what scientists and historians can't entirely figure out, and appreciate that you join me on my endeavors to discuss and unravel the mysteries. I'm more proud of you guys than I ever could be of myself, because most people choose to be unenlightened nowadays and seem to look at things through a very tiny window. YOU DON'T, and you should be proud of that.

I want to thank everyone who takes the time out to read my mind babblings. I also ask that you please continue to follow The Disaster Caster but also share your opinions! I want to know what you want me to cover, explain, or investigate. If you have tips, comments, or suggestions... PLEASE SHARE :) The only thing I love more than writing about this stuff is discussing it with other people!

You can submit anything you like VIA the CONTACT/SUBMISSIONS page!
I look forward to hearing from you!

xoxo disaster girl

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