October 30, 2013

Aftermath of Superstorm Sandy - One Year Later - A Look Back

Aftermath of Superstorm Sandy
One Year Later - A Look Back

Superstorm Sandy as she heads towards NYC/NJ
Sandy started as a low pressure system that first formed into a tropical depression on October 22nd, 2012 just south of Jamaica. As it progressed north  Sandy yo-yo'ed from hurricane status to extratropical, to tropical storm conditions back to hurricane status. At peak intensity Hurricane Sandy reached sustained winds of 115 MPH, had a lowest internal pressure of 940 millibars, and was roughly moving between 10-20 MPH through the Atlantic ocean.
Sandy's Long and Variable Track to NJ
Hurricane Sandy affected a total of 9 different countries, killing at least 280 people and injuring over a dozen. The United States had at least 24 states effected in this storm, which later ends up becoming the 2nd costliest hurricane in US history, behind only Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Sandy causes an estimated 65 billion dollars worth of destruction in her wake.
Superstorm Sandy as seen from NY
Hurricane Sandy topped out at a Category 3 hurricane, it was the 10th hurricane of the year- and the second most powerful of the 2012 hurricane season. Sandy made not one but three landfalls during her travels through the Atlantic- one in Jamaica on 10/24/2012, one in Cuba on 10/25/2012, and one in New Jersey on 10/29/2012. At its widest, Sandy covered 820 miles- more than double of Hurricane Isaac and Irene combined.
Manhattan without power Post-Sandy
Hurricane Sandy also directly and indirectly killed tens of thousands of animals during the storm, the most alarming of those numbers where the research animals that were just left to die in cages by the thousands. In the midst of despair and destruction however, life continued and several babies were born. Sandy is also 'blamed' for a baby boom that took place in NJ 9 months after the destruction.
Aerial View of Damage
Hurricane Sandy was deemed 'Superstorm Sandy' because of the unusual pattern of the storm, other names for the storm included Snowicane Sandy, Frankenstorm, and Snor'eastercane Sandy. Not only did Sandy go against normal jet stream patterns because of a 'wall' over Greenland, but it also combined with a stalled Arctic front- giving us Superstorm Sandy. Along with Superstorm Sandy, the NY/NJ area saw a 13 foot storm surge which was likely increased due to rising sea levels in the last hundred years.

Aerial View of NJ Boardwalk Before and After Sandy
Superstorm Sandy caused an estimated 8,000,000,000+ homes to be without power throughout 17 states, even as far as Michigan. There were still people in NJ the day before Thanksgiving that still did not have any power. An estimated 10,000 plus turkeys were donated by City Harvest to help families in need during the holiday. It took 57,000 workers from 30 different states and Canada to finally get the power restored to New York City alone. 12 people died of carbon monoxide poising from not realizing they had to vent their portable generators fumes outside.

Flooded Subway Systems in Manhattan
FEMA received over 125,000 applications for assistance post-Sandy, and received over $100 million dollars to help those in need. The Red Cross passed out well over 100,000 comfort kits in the days after Sandy. There was also a gas shortage for a week in the Tri-State area due to the storm, and lines that ended in riots and fights. The gas ration last in NYC for 15 days, NJ for 11, and Long Island for 9.

Debris washed up along Shore line
Superstorm Sandy shut down the New York Stock Exchange for 2 days causing an estimated 25 billion worth of lost activity, an event that hadn't been seen in over 120 years. The US Supreme Court was also shut down for a day during Sandy. Travel by air, rail, bus, and road was shut down for days, affecting well over 1 million travelers, and a total of almost 20,000 flights had been canceled because of the storm. Social networking flourished in these times- with over 600 Sandy related photos being uploaded every minute, and more than 20 million tweets during the 2 days before and after the storm hit.

Cars Submerged by storm surge flooding in NYC
President Obama signed Emergency Declarations ahead of the storm, allowing some states to take extra measures against the storm. The President also put an estimated 45,000 National Guardsmen and Air Force members on alert across 7 states to help out during and in the wake of the storm. 5 US states issued both suggested and mandatory evacuation orders a head of the storm.

Sandy storm surge causing damage along coastline of NY
Sandy cancelled and/or postponed Halloween for millions of children across several states- the likes to which most had never seen. Well over 1,500 FEMA members were deployed to help out with post-Sandy related work, the Red Cross sent about 4,000 workers in as well. Federal search and rescue task forces were also sent to the Mid-Atlantic region to help out. A television music special aired to raise funds for the Red Cross and Sandy relief efforts, an estimated 23 million dollars was raised, also Disney/ABC raised 17 million for disaster relief.

Flooded Streets in NY
Scientists later found that the energy released by Superstorm Sandy would be that of a 2-3 magnitude earthquake. NJ closed all of its Atlantic City Casinos, and a 50 foot piece of boardwalk is ripped off their shoreline. 10 billion gallons of raw sewage was released into the waters surrounding NY/NJ during Sandy- the East River overflowed its banks as well as the Hudson River in NJ. 
Destroyed Roller Coaster on Pier in NJ Shore
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Ohio lost its siding, Lake Huron saw 23 foot waves, and a foot of snow fell because of Sandy in Kentucky. Hundreds of flights were cancelled in Canada, and thousand lost power. A huge amount of people were affected by Superstorm Sandy, and because of that it will never be forgotten. the World Meteorological Organization retired the name Sandy in 2012- replacing it with Sara for future storms. To this day over one-fourth of the people displaced by Sandy haven't returned to their homes. Remember that the next time the big one rolls through.
 If you live in the Tri-State are please read:
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&& Remember, always be prepared!

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