March 30, 2012

Continuing Coverage - Strange Sounds - Clintonville Booms Mystery Deepens

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A new sound to add to the Strange Sound Phenomenon has been plaguing two Wisconsin towns, a mysterious booming noise captured in the above video by audio engineer Brian Sullivan, original story can be viewed here. The reports I have been reading about the booms have been saying that the USGS had confirmed a 1.5 earthquake and likened the cause to be a minor earthquake swarm. The USGS earthquake report can be viewed here Clintonville 1.5 3/20/2012.

Another interesting fact is that earthquakes are virtually unheard of in Wisconsin, in fact I can only find one earthquake listed as having an epicenter in the state- and it outright says it was not recorded. Here is the USGS list of earthquakes in Wisconsin and here is the USGS Wisconsin earthquake history. The 1947 Wisconsin earthquake was not recorded by seismographs because it was so 'sharp' it actually broke the equipment. RARE FIND: The original 05/07/1947 Newspaper Article.

The town of Clintonville rented seismic equipment in the hopes that they will be able to locate the origin of the loud booms, and possibly find an micro quake epicenter. So far no further information on the seismic recordings has been released. They had already 'found' their answer, courtesy of the USGS.

But the noises returned, and no further 'earthquakes' were been reported. It has many people wondering what exactly is the cause of these loud booms, and whether or not the 'answers' they were given were correct at all.

The reports continue to stream in with one of the most recent being from last night 3/29/2012, that report can be viewed here. One of the most interesting reports comes straight from the USGS which states that the Clintonville booming this week, was being monitored by seismic equipment, but it picked up nothing. USGS No Seismic Activity on Tuesday Report So what can it be? Prison planet provided us with some other possibilities (see below), regardless I will continue to cover this story until an 'answer' is found.

"If the booms are being artificially created by man-made activity, the culprits are unlikely to own up to it. There are numerous potential scenarios besides seismic activity that could be responsible for the booms, including CO2 sequestration storage, which has been documented to cause “small to moderate earthquakes,” according to Stanford geophysicist Mark Zoback.

Other speculation has centered around secret underground military tunneling work, improper disposal of wastewater from a natural gas fracking operation (also documented to cause earthquakes), or more exotic explanations such as the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), which is often blamed for unexplained weather and seismic events due to its highly secretive nature." - Alex Jones - Prision Planet

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